Hi, I Am Naser

I am colorblind,

Which explains the black and white.

I’m not easy to find,

So I’m glad you found my website.

I'm not the conformist kind,

But don't be afraid I don't bite.

A thinker and artist, both combined,

I always love to create and write.

Feel free to agree or mind,

I don’t believe there’s wrong or right.

Tap My Heart to Continue

And remember….


It’s ok to fall behind,

                Make mistakes,

                Embarrass yourself,

                Not conform to society,

                Live life your way,

                Not be rich/ famous/ successful,

                Look like an idiot,

                Misspill wourds,


                Fail more,

                & screw up what you rhymed,

As long as to yourself you are kind,
To your truth you are aligned,

And you always feel the peace of mind.

Tap My Heart to Continue

Aww, you tapped my heart twice!

Thank you & welcome to my online home!

Where everything in my online life happens.

Here, I write and speak about hot topics of society, stillness, synchronicity, and letting go...

And I also share with you my current projects, upcoming events, and my latest discoveries.

I am an Expert Stalker.

So I've designed my website to be stalker-friendly to give you the best stalker experience (SX)...


There are two ways on how you can navigate this site:

1) The Quick Moderately-Weird Stalk

If you only have 1 minute, you can read my brief "About Me" and "Now" pages.

About Me In 20 Seconds

I am a thinker, writer, speaker, and theatre artist.

I regularly write, research and develop new work in the intersection between theatre, therapy, and meditation.

An Engineer by education. INFJ. Solo traveler. Minimalist. Living a slow life with the least number of people and things. Originally Palestinian. Jordanian citizen, and based in Dubai.


An Arab who can't fit in the Arab world. A 50-year old trapped inside a 20-something-year old man. I am me. Yet, I am not really who I am.

You can find more details about me here.

What I Am Doing Now

I am often working in solitude away from the noise and the distraction of the world.

My priorities are mostly long-term personal research projects to bring original work into the world. I also do training, speaking, and acting work to make a living and fund my own researches.

I keep an up-to-date page with all the projects I am working on.

You can find out what I am doing now anytime by going to my "Now" page.

2) The Long Creepy Stalk

If you have few minutes to hours, you can follow my writing, speaking and acting pages.

I write to express and heal. While I do that, feel free to take a sneak peak into my mind.


I write on society, stillness, synchronicity, and letting go.

Find over 80 articles posted on my "Blog" page.

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I am a professional speaker, coach and trainer who regularly delivers talks and interactive workshops on human development for individuals, organizations, and events.


I've delivered so far hundreds of sessions to thousands of people around the world.

Find out more in my "Speaking" page.

I am a professional improviser, actor, roleplayer and director with extensive experience in improvisational theatre.

I perform and direct regularly in immersive experiences, event activations, corporate roleplays and fully improvised shows around the region.

Find out more in my "Acting" page.

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