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Everybody deserves to share their story!


Not many people do share theirs though. Some may think their story isn't interesting enough. Others may think it's is complex, shameful, failure, etc...

Regardless, I think everybody should tell their life story. There is something empowering, healing and beautiful about creating a chronological narrative of your life from "birth" to the "Now". I can't tell for sure where this magic comes from. All I know is that it's there!

Here I am attempting to tell my story:

My Mission

I am a thinker, writer, speaker, and theatre artist.

I regularly write, research and develop new work in the intersection between theatre, therapy, and meditation.

I founded The Human Lab with the mission to transform people through life-changing experiments. I am also an improviser, actor, roleplayer, and a director of fully improvised theatrical and musical shows.

My priorities are mostly long-term personal research projects to bring original work into the world. I also do training, speaking, and acting work to make a living and fund my own researches.

My Background

I am an Engineer by education. I have both Bachelor and Master of Science in Engineering degrees. I'm not using any of them anymore. No regrets :)

Since graduation until 2015, I have held many jobs in various fields. I started my career as a Structural Engineer and later changed jobs as a Transport Planner, both in multinational consultancies.


Then I left Engineering and worked as the Regional Department Manager leading a team of 30 in areas touching customer service, logistics, supply chain, shipping, legal, tax, project management, and enterprise systems at Procter and Gamble (P&G). Few years later and 3 months after receiving a promotion, I decided to quit my job and step into the human development field.


I later worked as a trainer and a speaker in the non-profit government, Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (Sheraa) to support students and youth in their entrepreneurial journey. I worked in training, speaking, event management, marketing and outreach. Few years later, I again quit to pursue my solo work around theatre, training, meditation and therapy.

Since 2015, my curiosity led me to learn and become a professional in various fields of human development, theatre, improvisation, acting, directing, writing, life coaching, public speaking, training, facilitation, psychology, philosophy, musicals, meditation, puppetry and poetry.

Now, I run my own company, The Human Lab, in the human development field.

I am an improviser

I am an improv theatre nerd (improviser, actor, roleplayer, director and teacher).


For over two years, I had spent most of my evenings practicing, teaching, directing and performing fully improvised shows (no script) on stage.


I still direct, perform, and teach at shows, but at a lower frequency now.

My obsession with theatre and improvisation goes beyond the entertainment and show business. I think that the potential of theatre and improv for creating transformation and unlocking human potential is yet to be fully understood. I always blend improvisation and theatre with everything I do in my work and life.

I studied improvisation and theatre at The Second City Chicago, The Annoyance Theatre in Chicago, and Impro Theatre in Los Angeles, New York School of Playback Theatre and The Courtyard Playhouse in Dubai.


I also researched and created theatre plays as a theatre director at Lincoln Center Theatre's Directors Lab in New York.

I performed and created shows in all kinds of improvisational styles ranging from improv games, short-form theatre (Theatresports, Maestro, Gorilla Theatre), to improvised musicals and long-form theatre plays.

I directed two improvisational theatre improv shows:

1-LIFE: Improvised, which is an improvised one-act story in real time, with no breaks or edits, based on audience's reflection on life. It's an honest, inspiring, and deep representation of real life on stage, all inspired by the audience.

2- Muse: The Improvised Musical, the first Improvised Musical in the Middle East Region where the story, dialogue, music and lyrics are all made up in the moment on stage based on audience suggestions.

I intensively read, self-learn, and independently research into this wonderful and mysterious area. If you know what improv is, let's connect right now!

Other Interests and Favorites

Here are my top favorites:

Movies: Into the Wild, and A Ghost Story.

Books: The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker and Improvisation at the Speed of Life by TJ & Dave

Thinkers and Authors: Derek Sivers, Kyle Cease, Jonathan Fields, Jason Silva, Sara Ness, Saliha Afridi, Elizabeth Gilbert, Joshua Becker, Jeff Goins, Leo Babauta, Robin Sharma, Mark Manson, Tim Ferris, Martha Beck, Keith Johnstone, Del Close, David Pasquesi, and Jose Silva.

Event: The World Domination Summit (WDS).

Food: Dark chocolate.

Drink: Water.

Destination: US, Switzerland and Vietnam.
Song: Anything for Frank Sinatra.

Soundtrack: Intersteller by Hans Zimmer, "Little Notes" & "The Secret in the Wall" by Daniel Hart, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by Alexandre Desplat.

Quote: "Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive" - Howard Thurman

My Personality

I am an Arab with Western values.

Traditional, yet rebellious.

On MBTI, I am an INFJ, Detailed description here.

On Sparketype, I am scientist (primary), with sage (shadow).

My Dark Side

My biggest two fears are the fear of what other people think of me, and the fear of losing my freedom.
My biggest challenges are Imposter Syndrome, self-doubt, envy, comparison, and loneliness.

I remember death

I think about death. Every. Single. Day.

Death is the top denied truth, which drives every action we do in our daily lives. It's the source of all our fears and anxieties. To acknowledge death every day, is to understand and accept the fear and anxiety we face daily.

I breath nature.

I love nature and outdoors.


Regardless of weather, I spend at least an hour a day meditating in nature. I connect with the trees, sun, moon, clouds, animals, and anything around me. I always attempt to think what they think and breathe their presence in.

Nature is my major source of energy, wisdom, healing, connection, presence, wonder and awe in life.

I do not belong

Yes, no matter how much I tried.

I am originally Palestinian, Jordanian citizen, born/raised and currently living in Dubai. 


I never really understood where home is. I think of myself like a Lotus flower, rootless floating around.

I am an Arab who can't fit in the Arab world. I am a 50-year old trapped inside a 20-something-year old man. I am me. Yet, I am not really who I am.

It's complicated.

I am a minimalist

I am a minimalist who lives a slow life, with the least number of people and things in my life.


But once they are in my life, I appreciate them the most. The less you have, the more you appreciate.


I believe that less is more. For example:

- My closet has few pieces of clothes almost all identical in color and design.

- I think twice before taking more (paper, plastic, people...) into my life.

- I don't drink coffee, watch sports, or scan social media news-feeds.

- I don't watch TV, read newspapers, or follow any type of news.

- I listen less to songs and more to music without lyrics.

I ensure that I have less distractions/stressors/addications in my life, so I can constantly stay present, living in and appreciating the moment.

I am spiritual and religious

I believe in God and the forces of nature that work for us.

I embrace Islam as my religion, and I always aim to be better spiritually.

I write and research around topics of stillness, silence, synchronicity, and nature. I am always trying to understand supernatural phenomena in parapsychology and how to access altered states of consciousness.


I constantly train my intuition, mind-reading, telepathy, precognition and other unproven skills. To some extent, I have the ability to spot synchronicity, recognize patterns, and attract coincidences around me every day.

Weird things about me

  • I've been wearing a yellow star pin everyday and everywhere I go since 2017. The pin says: "Don't Hide Your Magic".

  • My surname is Al Sughaiyer, which in Arabic means The Tiniest. 

  • My name at birth was Faris (Knight in Arabic), but got changed by my grandmother to Naser, because she felt that Faris was too soft as a name. Naser in Arabic means a supporting Warrior.

  • I am colorblind as you may know by now. I see colors but I have difficulty in distinguishing these pairs of colors: Red & Brown, Brown & Green, Yellow and Light Green, and Blue and Purple.

  • I am obsessed with socks. Though I'm colorblind, I love wearing socks with bold colors and fun patterns 🧦. I think socks' beauty/voice are unseen/unheard. Sometimes I see myself in my socks and think that I am my socks! I cuff my jeans to allow my suffocated socks to also have a say in who I am (Fun fact: I sometimes unintentionally wear unmatching colors because of my colorblindness).

  • I am not a big fan of phones. I wish I could live without one. I keep the apps in my phone to minimum.

  • I prefer going for movies alone.​

  • I don't drink Coffee/Tea/Alcohol, smoke, or watch sports, politics or any news.​

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