This is a space for you...

A space to pause, unload, grieve, and reflect.

A space to play, plan and ground yourself.


I am sharing my attention and time with you,
friends of friends,
and complete strangers,
to have a space for free-flow conversation, calm and reflection.

We can talk about anything, or even nothing.

(So much is said in silence anyway).

The purpose is to have a shared space where you prioritize yourself.

Why many of us need this now?

A lot has happened to us over the last weeks, and a lot will continue to happen in the coming weeks.


This "a lot" requires intentional reflection, processing, meaning-making and release.


Everyone seems to need a time for themselves, but many of us may live in environments and/or around people that may be unable to provide us that space.

I am here to support you in carving that intentional space for yourself.

Why home may not be that space?


Yes, you may have a cozy couch and extra time at hand.


But most homes today (offline or online) are not designed for emotional safety.

(Home is for sleeping/eating, while online is for entertainment and news)

On the contrary, our homes may be triggering and adding to the "a lot" you need to process.

For you to find a personal space for peaceful reflection, it requires intention.

Now, that you may have the intention, let's find that space for you...

I am down, if you are down...

for a 45-minute call.


All you have to do is to just show up.


And I'll take care of the rest.

And I totally get that showing up is a lot of work!


Saying yes to yourself and no to the moving wheel.
Prioritizing yourself in an over-familiar or full house,

or in a schedule with a long list of to-watch (I hear you!).

If this feels right for you, I encourage you to take a leap of faith,

and trust that our paths now crossed for a reason.

When you show up, my promise to you is to honor your time,

And to let our shared space take care of the rest.

You Can Pick Your Space Below

(Nothing to pay but your presence!)

Everyday, there are two spaces listed in my schedule below,

At 3 pm and 4 pm (GMT+4)

(If you can't see them, it means they've been taken)

My door is open for you.

No need to knock. Just enter below!


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