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100 Minutes Of Silence

Photo by Cristian Newman

“I think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and the truth comes to me.”

~ Albert Einstein

Yesterday morning, I decided to step into silence for 100 minutes.

Hundred Minutes of Silence can heal anything!

I can’t describe how long those 100 minutes were. They felt like few long weeks. I had two reasons for doing this:

1- Address crucial moments and feelings I just recently experienced.

2- Experiment with a new self-development concept (combining meditation and theatre) I’ve been fantasizing about bringing to life.

Many of what I will share may sound insane.

Here is a brief description of what I experimented with during those 100 minutes:

I regularly do my meditation rituals at a comfortable hidden place by a water creek.

After relaxing my body and then my mind, I started building an image of a world where I could speak to my child self (The subconscious mind).

To build the image, I summoned up real memories of my past and painted the physical elements in that image (sometimes I added fictional elements to fill in the blind spots of my memory).

To bring those images to live (from image to video), I stepped into my own shoes to re-experience what I have experienced before.

Depending on the memory, theRe-experiencewas sometimes tough while other times it was joyful.

After that, I substituted my emotions and thoughts with metaphors, with the goal to physically represent them in the world of silence.

When the “Re-experience” was tough, I stepped into that live image again in the form of a loving parent to my child self. I imagined myself to be both the parent of myself, and the child of myself (Two of me in that one live image). This allowed me to receive and send compassion from and to myself, and help me get through the experience to peaceful and accepting state.

I then used combination of scissors, ropes, anchors, tombs, soil and other support objects (Will share more details later as I experiment more with those) to facilitate cutting of ties, burial, and leaving the old story. The feeling and image resembled a sacred ceremony.

This exactly felt like I was doing a surgical operation to my subconscious mind with the following procedures:

1- Setting up a silent space in nature.

2- Relaxing the body.

3- Relaxing the mind.

4- Build the image, by summoning up memories from the past.

5- Enhancing the image visualization (Resolution) with fictional elements.

6- From image to video, step into the re-experience.

7- Extracting and isolating a memory.

8- Injecting it with love (Parenthood love to child).

9- Physically detach through a sacred ceremony.

10- And finally, slowly exit the meditative state.

The result was indescribable, and still is now.

I am still trying to understand it. It’s only been 24 hours (in earthly time), since I completed that “surgical operation”. I feel I lost something significant during that experiment (an old story). It might be a placebo effect. Either way, I feel much lighter and less burdened than I was the day before.

I’ve been researching and building hypotheses for more than 6 months around Dubai and New York, and just moved now into the experimentation phase. I never started experimenting because I was always afraid of being called unqualified or crazy.

I am still in my second day of experimentation. There are so many variables to add and explore (Split roles of surgeon/subject, music, theatre performers, new environment, darkness/light, and many other variables)

I am continuing to address and experiment with different memories from my life, I still haven’t witnessed any negative side effects. I continue to take good amount of sleep and water to recover from those operations.

If reading this makes you confused, that makes two of us.

I hope to unlock more discoveries as I explore this further.

Yours in Magic,


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