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So Long, “So Much” Of 2018!

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So much can happen in a year.

So much happened for me this year.

And I bet so much happened for you too.

Parts of the “so much” could be what we wanted, and other parts might have been what we did not want (but had to suck them up and take them). Either way, we all had “so much” in our year, both the “good” and the “bad”.

I choose to believe that New Year’s Eve is a very special moment. It is then, when both clock hands hit the 12 mark, and most people around the world go into a sacred ritual of celebrating the passing of time.

But that’s not why I think it’s a special moment. I think what makes it special is the idea that all the life stories of people overlap at that moment. You can group people’s stories according to how they view their years, into one of those three:

  1. Those who had a good 2018, and hope for as good or better 2019.

  2. Those who had a bad 2018, but hope for a better 2019.

  3. Those who had a bad 2018, and lost hope in 2019.

It doesn’t matter where you fall into. All those stories last for a moment, or maybe longer for few days spread around the hype of the new year. Those stories are all subjective and mostly based on assumptions, perceptions, and bits of facts.

What you call a good or a bad year mostly depends on how you, and only you, view it.

But what if we don’t entertain that subjective instinct in us. What if we do not judge our past life events as good or bad. And what if we just state the facts of the year as they are.

When you state your past as it is, you admit that it’s out of your control. Many of us who are alive today still live in the past. We relive moments of our past again and again, both successes and failures. We hang onto them unable to let go of our glories and pains.

When you stop trying to change your past, you start to accept events that shaped you into who you are today.

When you accept your old story, you allow a new story to emerge.

When you let go of your past, you welcome the future.

When you allow 2018 to go, you allow 2019 to come in.

In simple words, you move on!

That’s what I have done this year. I sat down and stated facts about my last year without adding my feeling or opinion. I just accepted them as they are. It was a fun and liberating exercise. It took me 5 minutes to list everything down.

Here is what my “so much” list of 2018 had:

- Completed over 200 hours of improv training, ran over 100 hours of rehearsals, and performed in over 40 performances.

- Led over 30 workshops and events, and spoke to 700 people.

- Stopped using social media for 9 full months.

- Went through long period of confusion about life.

- Stopped my 20-year long habit of biting my nails.

- Second year into no coffee, no tea, no TV, and no sports-watching.

- Second year into minimalism.

- Started my website and got back to writing.

- Stopped writing again.

- Struggled to get out of bed in the morning every single day.

- Discovered my interest in poetry and wrote 3 poems.

- I was interviewed for a big job and failed to get it.

- Toured improv theatres, performed, and trained with the best improvisers in Chicago/LA for 5 weeks.

- Discovered my passion for puppetry and took part in the first improv puppetry performance in UAE.

- Reunited with my World Domination Summit (WDS) tribe for the second year.

- Discovered my interest to explore and teach how to build authentic human connection.

- Changed my view towards marriage.

- Experienced a painful rejection.

- Directed my first improv show (LIFE: Improvised), and contributed to the creation of another (Blackout).

- Quit my 5th job.

- Exhausted my health mentally and emotionally, and reached my fatigue point.

- I developed a close relationship with and daily ritual of remembering death.

- I discovered my power of reading people and situations with no clear evidence of how I could do it.

- I stopped believing that we create, and instead started believing that we are only communicators of a higher inspirations.

- I threw away most of my clothes and wore black t-shirts with jeans almost every day.

- I wore a star pin saying “Don’t hide your Magic” every single day.

It’s already 2019!

I didn’t figure out life yet. It’s still confusing as hell.

All I know is that it was neither a good nor a bad year. It was just another year full of “so much”. I moved on, now.

I am looking forward to having “so much” in my next year and will soon, same time next year, say goodbye to them and move on again.

Whatever life sends my way, I am going to call it by its right name. I am going to view it for what it really is.

And I will choose to move on.

So Long, “So Much” Of 2018!

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