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Am I What I Do?

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

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I write.

I find it difficult to call myself a writer.

I art.

I find it difficult to call myself an artist.

I run a business.

I find it difficult to call myself an entrepreneur.

I research and create.

And I find it difficult to call myself a researcher or a creator.

I do many things in life... But I find it uninspiring and confining to call myself by my work.

My work keep changing, with every change in my interests and direction in life.

And so, to call myself by what I do is to place myself in a constant cycle of identity crises.

Every time my interests shift, my identity shifts with it.

I prefer instead to use verbs when I describe who I am (My insta profile is a good example). I don't always do this, but it's a practice I'd like to commit myself to when I introduce myself to people.

I find describing who I am in nouns confining to the infinite possibilities of my potential.

It locks me down a prison of expectations (by myself) of who I am supposed to be.

It boxes my existence and labels my identity,.

It moulds my free spirit into a single, rigid being.

If you start to see your work as separate from you.

You can easily detach from it anytime you need to move on in life.

Letting go becomes easier and feels less like death to you, because you are not letting go of part of yourself.

The words you use to describe who you are can fix or free you.

Allow room for your potential and possibilities not to have a ceiling.

You are not your creations.

You are not what you do.

You are more.

You and I do not know what more is.

Until we know...

Don't be a thing or a "word".

Be <...nothing...>

Yours in Magic,


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