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Back "Home"

Photo by Yuan Thirdy

It's only been less than two weeks since I arrived back "home" in the Middle East, and I'd like to be honest....

It's tough to live in an Arab society, where you're constantly reminded to stay small, think shallow, and be overwhelmed in the ordinary work.

I can complain forever about how much every cell in my body and heart is calling out to be seen, supported, and loved for who I am and how I choose to show up in my life....

But that's not a trap I'd like to fall into.

Instead, I will say that I am grateful for everything I have received and been blessed with by my unchosen community today:

Safety, social connection, love, stability, and spiritual connection...

I will always continue to daydream about living around people who lift me up for my values, viewpoints and missions.

That might not happen soon!

Until then...

Inward is my right path. Silence is my safe space. Breath is my charging fuel. Loneliness is my comforting friend. Self-love is my compassionate parent. And of course not to forget... Dark chocolate is my depression pill!

Writing this with a big smile on my face, as I end this beautiful evening and prepare for an exciting tomorrow!

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