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Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Photo by Greg Rakozy

“We don't see the world as it is, we see it as we are”

~ Anaïs Nin

I am constantly searching for beauty and wisdom.

Everybody wants to be intelligent and beautiful.

Me too!

I believe you cannot see your own truth and your own beauty unless you see the wisdom and the beauty around you. We see the world as we are.


It lives in details.

You can reach it in the infinite moments we live in. It's in the small details of our physical surrounding (i.e. breath, door sound, flying bird, tree leaf, eye blink, baking smell....).

When we zoom into details, and constantly notice and search for unique perspectives, feelings, smells, sights, and sounds, we can get a glimpse of beauty.


It lies in big perspectives.

When we zoom out of our lives to see the larger picture.

When we notice our position in our city, country, continent, planet, galaxy, and universe. When we see how big and infinite the universe can be.

This is where wisdom lies.

Always remember, you can become beautiful and wise, only when you see the beauty and the wisdom of our world.

We don't only see the world as we are... We also are what we see the world.

Yours in Magic,


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