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Thank You For Changing My Life!

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

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For a long time, I’ve always put my mission of helping others above everything else. I became a coach and a trainer because I wanted to help people improve.

I have placed so much emphasis on this one goal:

I want to change people’s lives.

Similarly, many others have the same goal.

Mentors mentor. Coaches coach. Doctors heal. Writers write. Engineers engineer…

This is how we’ve decided (or it’s been decided for some of us) we would leave an impact in the world… to be the person who helps others and changes their lives.

Well, that’s half of the truth!

Let’s take a moment to look at how most of us view the process of “Changing Lives”:

Person (A) is ready to help.

Person (B) needs help.

Person (A) gives person (B) a help.

In this relationship, we see a rescuer and a victim. Thankfully, Person (B)’s life is changed by Person (A).

It’s easy to look at things in one way.

One person suffers, and another rescues.

But what we miss in this whole picture is that the person who rushed to rescue did it out of a need. He/she did what they did because helping others gives meaning and purpose to their lives.

The rescuer him/herself were looking to be rescued.

And without the other person sharing their need for help, being vulnerable, and allowing others to enter their lives, the rescuer would not have been able to do their job.

In this context, this means that Person (A)’s life is also changed by Person (B).

What we often forget is that people’s lives do not only change because they receive help, but also because they’re allowed to help.

We don’t often see it that way!

We spend big chunks of our lives putting our missions outside of ourselves. Outside of our imperfect lives, and away from our pains, regrets and anxieties. It’s our way to avoid our problems and the discomfort of having to ask for help.

While doing this, we miss to see the real people who change our lives, the people we help!

It’s time to stop wanting to just change the lives of others, and to start looking at things differently…

We are not seeking to change others’ lives.

We are seeking to change our lives by changing others’ lives.

All this time, when I thought my mission was to help others, I was in fact looking to help myself.

If you are ever in a position of helping someone, allow them to change you. And do not ever think you are the only one who deserves a thank you. They have helped you as much as you have helped them.

And always remember to take the time and tell them:

Thank you for changing my life!

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