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Clearing Your Emotional Inbox

I lived my whole life in an Eastern Society where I learned that it's a crime to:

Feel afraid.

Feel sad.

Or feel angry.

Why are you sad? It's not worth it. Cheer up.

Calm down. Don't be angry.

Stop chickening. Don't be afraid.

In an eastern society, feeling "negative" feelings like fear, sadness, and anger, is embarrassing, weak and shameful.

I've been trained that those feelings are to be avoided immediately at all costs.

I should not feel them.

I should not allow my loved ones to feel them too.

If I happen to feel them, I should not talk about them with anyone.

If my loved ones feel them, they should not talk about them with me.

Whenever "negative feelings" show up, they appear dressed up as evil sensations trying to paralyse my body and ruin my life.

And the training I received was simple:

Avoid them at all costs.

And so I did.

I did a wonderful job suppressing many of them. Every time, sadness or anger show up, I look the other way. I deny them their right to exist in my life.

But they continue to exist, grow, and accumulate in the shadows of my unconscious mind.

They managed to turn into stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, isolation, mistrust manifested chronically in my body (fidgeting, nail-biting, tense shoulders, overweight, fatigue, low immune system...), and in my thoughts (Procrastination, Imposter Syndrome, loneliness,...).

The more I ignored my feelings through eating, buying stuff, TV, movies, Netflix, the more power they gained over me and the more space they took over in my life.

Not until I became more aware that those feelings are just attention-seeking, truth-revealing, and kind attempt to communicate....

A Messenger.

A language.

A signal.

A hand wave.

A gentle poke.

A tap on the shoulder.

A loving gesture.

A beautiful voice.

A notification.

A cry.


A cute child asking to be seen and loved.

Those feelings are messages sent to us sometimes from our body; other times from our mind, and occasionally from a higher collective consciousnesses, God, or wisdom source...

When we ignore those feelings, we are ignoring those must-read messages.

Our inbox starts filling up and our emails piling up.

With so many emails to read and not enough space and time to absorb the content, our capacity to analyze and understand our thoughts and stories slows down. Over time, we stop being able to process with our desk space occupied fully by unfelt and unprocessed feelings.

That's when the system crashes.

When we reach a point of burnout and collapse.

When our body and heart stop functioning as normal.

And when our whole world falls apart.

It sounds like a tragedy.

It is a tragedy.

In our Eastern society, we are in desperate need for safe spaces to feel and be welcome to share our feelings.

And we can create those safe spaces!

It's everyone's responsibility to ensure that we always create space for:

A judgement-free conversation.

A heartfelt I-hear-you chat.

An honest and caring ear.

A shoulder to lean on.

A long-lasting warm hug.

A gentle nod of acceptance.

A tissue-free confession where tears are seen and loved for their wet and raw vulnerability.

The reason why feelings persist is that they are resisted, unheard and unseen. They are our honest and innocent child crying to be acknowledged and loved.

To see and feel your child is to clean up your emotional inbox.

It's time to feel your messages now, gradually and kindly one by one.

Your emotional inbox is filling up! Time to clear it.

Yours in Magic,


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