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Earning Less: Living More

Updated: Nov 10, 2019

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In today's economy...

To live more, you've got to earn more.

To earn more, you've got to work more.

To work more, you've got to give away your time and energy.

(By work, I am referring to that activity done with the purpose of earning money).

Whether self-employed or 9-5 employees, we often find ourselves living through the cycle of work and money. We end up sacrificing most hours and days of our lives, and most of our physical and mental energy in exchange for a currency that can buy our needs and wants.

It is true that there are examples of minority few who hacked the system and found ways of working less and earning more money. But the majority of people, with today's inflating economy, need to work more to increase their income and climb the ladder of economy.

Most people believe that by earning more money, they would live more.

I too thought this was the only option... Not until I discovered a different and uncommon choice of living life...

Working less and earning less money.

What most people do not realize is that living more does not necessarily require you to earn more money.

Living more depends on what more is for you and what your needs actually are.

What is more for you?

If more for you means more money, then yes, you have to work more.

But if more for you means more time, more freedom, more meaning, more presence, more impact, or combination of those, then no, you do not necessarily have to work more.

You can choose to work less and earn less money!

What do you actually need?

Our needs are often way less than what we think.

We think we need more in our lives (bigger houses, fancier clothes, better cars,...), but most of our needs to survive are very basic (food, water, air, and safe shelter).

Anything else is a want manufactured to look like a need.

On Earning Time

When time seems limited in your life, it becomes important to choose wisely where to spend it.

There are things that money cannot buy. It cannot necessarily buy your health back, get you long term happiness, or purchase meaning for you.

But time can!

I choose to work less hours, so I can get to keep the rest of my time and spend it on what money cannot buy.

I spend my time writing, meditating, researching, creating art, recharging, taking care of my health, and being present with my loved ones.

The economic system is designed to reward you with money for working more. And that's great up to a certain number of dollars or up to a certain time in your life.

After that, the system becomes deficient!

It starts to give you less of what you want (Time) and more of what you don't want (Money).

You can choose to not fall for the system that rewards you with more money for more work, and instead decide to work less, earn less money and earn more life.

It's easy to start becoming defensive against this approach. I get attacked by others' opinions constantly for the way I live my life today. People say I am privileged, spoiled, and lucky for not having to work more.

And yet, I am not rich. I am just choosing to let go of having more of the materials of life and instead to keep my time and buy with it what matters to me the most (presence, health, relationships, meaning, expression, impact).

I've had to live lives where I was working and earning so much more money and status. However, they didn't fulfil me in other areas in my life. And now, how I live my life is an intentionally designed life of less money and more time.

Living in an expensive city like Dubai, it might seem impossible. I understand. I also understand it can be easier for some to move towards that side than it is for others.

But what is less, anyways? It's all relative.

As long as you are moving less towards the life you do not want, and more towards the life you want, that's what matters. There are no extremes to reach here.

When I say work less, I don't mean work almost nothing (I still work 5-8 hours a day). I mean work less of what doesn't fill you up and more of what does.

If this lifestyle feels right for you, maybe it's time to make choices in your life where you reduce work and gain back time.

Even if it may seem that your income is dropping...

Be sure that your life is rising!

Yours in Magic,


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