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Emotion Married To Thought

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

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Observing myself everyday, I've noticed...

Every thought has certain emotion/s attached to it.

But not every emotion has an attached thought.

Example: When I think of chocolate, I am happy. When I think of wars, I am sad. I always have a feeling about every thought I have.

But sometimes, when I am sad, I am not sure why I am sad. When I try to know why I am sad, I start receiving thoughts justifying it.

This is interesting.

Because I choose to believe that our life narratives are built out of thoughts and emotions.

Building a Narrative

Think of your thoughts as Lego pieces, and of your emotions as the glue around each piece.

Lego pieces construct a narrative in your mind.

A web of narratives construct the story you tell yourself about yourself.

A thought can never exist without an emotion. That means a Lego piece can never exist without its glue. And every thought will build our narrative consciously or subconsciously.

An emotion can exist with or without a thought (glue with or without Lego piece). For that thought-less glue you can attract the thought you want.

Example: I may justify my anger with skipping lunch, or due to a friend who was late to our meeting, or any other thought that can be attached to the same feeling.

I've been playing around this a lot...

When I become aware of those emotions, I choose to attract the Lego pieces that will serve my narrative. Because I know once I attract the thought, it will build my story and could impact how my day goes or even how my life goes for the years to come.

Reconstructing a narrative

When a narrative has already been constructed, it requires energy to remove a piece from that narrative.

The emotion is often hidden behind the thought. It shows itself every now and then. But we often stay away from it and that makes the glue dryer and stronger.

To remove a Lego piece, you need to remove its glue. Once the glue is gone, the Lego piece will fall out of the narrative on its own.

To remove the glue, it requires you to see, feel and accept the emotion.

When you face the emotion and even shed tears for its intensity and revelation, the glue starts to dissolve.

When you see, feel and accept the emotion, it stops "sticking" around the Lego piece. And the Lego piece starts leaving the narrative without having to do anything.

A new narrative emerges with no brain and logical effort made.

That new narrative you tell yourself about yourself will reconstruct itself and become more in line with the "universal story" that nature is moving you towards.

When you think of your thoughts and emotions as the units of your narrative, and therefore your story, your life will start to change.

For now, that's the best way I can explain the relationship between thoughts and emotions...

They are married to each other.

And they give birth to your narrative :)

Yours in Magic,


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