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Everything is Improbable Until it Happens!

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

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Everything is improbable until it happens.

That job is unlikely for you to land, until you get it.

That love is unlikely to enter your life, until it shows up for you.

Your business is unlikely to succeed, until it succeeds.

That amount of money is improbable to earn, until you earn it.

It's okay to admit some things are out of your reach.

That some dreams are impossible to make a reality.

That some goals are hard to achieve in your work, relationships, well-being,....

It's beautiful when you start seeing how your conscious power is not powerful enough to change the improbable.

It's humbling when you witness an important part of you surrendering and letting go of controlling what's bigger, than your capacity and actions are able to change.

It's human to see, accept and love the fact that some things you "really" want are unlikely to happen in your life.

And No. That is not considered retreating or losing! ... Unless you are playing a different game of life.

In the game of life we are living in, the forces that are out of our control are infinite, while the forces in our control are very few.

The sooner you start to see how much little control you have over the rules of the game, the faster you'll be able to attract and receive the improbable.

Resisting the rules of the game and continuously objecting with the referee will delay you from playing the game or scoring any goals.

The improbable becomes probable...

When you admit that almost everything is not within your hands.

When you give space for the universe to breathe it's suggestions and gifts into your life.

When you stop trying to make things that do not want to happen, happen.

When you start noticing what's already knocking on your door or passing by your side.

When you trust that something larger than you is actively attempting to work with and for you.

Everything that needs to happen will eventually happen.

If you are meant to get that job, you will get it.

If you are meant to get more money, you will get it.

If you are meant to find your loved one/s, you will find them.

If the anything is meant to happen, it will happen for you.

Everything is improbable, until it happens.

Yours in Magic,


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