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How I QUIT my 9-5 Job!

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

This post from April 6, 2016 went viral on social media, two days after quitting my full-time job.

Last Monday was my last day at my safe and well-paying job.

Five years ago, I was graduating from university life into the real world. Back then, I had a clear definition of what success should look like:

Success was to land a job with high salary in the area you studied.

Success was to climb the corporate ladder to a top executive role.

Success was to make your parents, family and friends proud of you becoming what they expected you to become.

Success was to possibly turn your knowledge from studies, and your expertise from your job into a business, and then to retire.

It is a simple definition of success, right?

I did what people expected from me. I graduated from my engineering college. I worked in top companies. I climbed the first few steps of the ladder. And I started thinking about how to kick off a business in the same area I worked in. All seemed good to me and to everyone around me, except one thing! Something was missing in this whole story:

I overlooked one important question in my definition of success and that is “What do I want?”

Did I want to study the major I had studied? Did I want to spend years climbing a ladder over the wrong summit? Did I want to sacrifice my life to make others proud?

Hell NO! I did not want that. I still do not want it. And for that, I decided to transition out of my job over a period of time, until a point where I was ready to take my leap of faith.

It may look like as if this was a tough decision. It was NOT!

All what it took was a simple paradigm shift, and the willpower to detach myself from the past.

Over the coming days and months, I am going to walk you through my story and how I made that transformation. Now, I am leading my life in the direction I believe matches “what I want”. I own my decisions and their consequences. I respect the opinions of my critics. And I made peace with my past.

I know now what I want and it is simple… I want to be a coach and influencer helping young people discover their purpose, and empower them to take real steps towards it.

Now, the question is directed to you:

What do you want?

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