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Infinite Stories to Buy

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

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There are infinite stories you can make yourself believe about yourself.

The stories you choose to narrate your life to yourself, determines how your life is experienced.

It may seem like it's simple to choose a story... "I can just think of my story and that's it".

But it's not easy to make your subconscious mind believe a conscious suggestion of a narrated reality.

I observed that most of the stories we choose to tell ourselves about ourselves follow certain common patterns:

We buy the validating stories.

The ones that match our expectations, whether our expectations appear to be in our favor (hopes) or working against us (fears).

e.g. I knew I would work in a big company; I just got a great job!

I am afraid I won't present well... I screwed up my speech again.

We buy the familiar stories.

The ones that keep us safe and away from the danger of the unknown. They are often known stories that we lived in the past and feels comfortable to repeat.

e.g. I have bad luck, I always end up in relationships with the wrong person.

My parents have never recognized my achievements to be enough, and now my boss never acknowledge my hard work too.

We buy the justifying stories.

The ones that justify why we are where we are now. They work their reasoning process backwards connecting past data points in our lives.

e.g. I am successful, because I worked hard.

I want to exercise more, but I don't have time.

By now, you may be expecting me to say... To change your life, change your story.

Nope!.. I don't believe it's easily available for us to change our mind stories.

Instead I will say...

To change your life, become aware of the existing stories you tell yourself.

There is nothing to change about your story.

You do not have to be in control of all what you think. Many is out of your conscious control.

However, you are in control of your awareness.

If your awareness (without actions) is directed towards your self, your life will start to be in flow. You will receive what's meant to be, rather than send what you think should be.

To change your story is to feel the emotions behind those narratives, and to clear your emotional inbox from any unfelt feelings.

To change your story is to allow yourself not to reason your way out of your story, but to feel your way into it.

You can choose to fall for your automatic program of selecting the validating, familiar and justifying stories...

Or you can choose to become aware of your existing stories and choose the ones that serves.

Be compassionate to yourself as you become aware of your own narrated reality.

When you become aware of it, there will be room for a new narrative to take place of the old story.

You have infinite stories to buy...

Time to create space for new stories.

Yours in Magic,


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