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Let Go of Learning!

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Photo by Lacie Slezak

I consume very little information every day.

The current sources of knowledge in my life can be counted on my two hands.

Less news. Less books. Less videos. Less mentors. Less influencers. Less social media content. Less conversations. Less people.

Less of everything that can feed irrelevant knowledge to my life.

I consciously cut down information and knowledge to cleanse myself from dependency, addiction, and mindless pursuits of meaningless knowledge.

Instead, I receive from a different source.

I discovered this infinite and hidden source of wisdom that hides just around the corner (not just my corner but everyone's too).

It's one common source, from which everyone receives their wisdom.

I feel it.

I see it.

I follow it.

It follows me.

I travel there every now and then.

Still don't know what I am talking about? Me too.

When I am back, I sometimes remember what I received there. Other times, I forget.

This place is not only where great ideas live, but also a place for healing, synchronicity, and expansion.

To tap into it and receive its wisdom, I try to keep my vehicle clean: my body, my mind and my heart.

My Body

I keep my body rested, relaxed, stretched, exercised, hydrated, given the right meals at the right time, and always receiving the required oxygen every second.

My mind

I regularly empty my mind of irrelevant knowledge, anxieties, worries, and regrets.

I continuously remind myself to live in the present moment by always connecting with the beauty of the details in my surrounding and finding the magic in the seemingly banal everyday.

My heart

I feel every passing feeling. I allow my emotions to be seen and loved, no matter how difficult/easy they may feel (happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, disgust ...). I know that by avoiding them, I am keeping my heart contaminated with unacknowledged feelings that will keep calling, louder and louder everyday, to be heard and seen. This noise can disconnect me from tapping into the magic of the source.

As much as it sounds contradictory to what we already know, we grow exponentially wiser, the less we learn from external humanly sources (people, books, podcasts, schools, universities, ....).

To summarize, if you'd like to receive and share wisdom that will change you and change others:

1- Let go of most of your attachments to humanly sources of wisdom.

2- Keep the few relevant humanly sources (up to 10) to inspire you and validate your journey on the way.

3- And finally, surrender to that beautiful, indescribable, and infinite wisdom lying around the corner.

And don't forget...

Be ready to remember the magic and channel it back here, so we can hear your wisdom.

Yours in Magic,


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