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Letting Go vs. Laziness

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

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There is a fine line between Letting go and Laziness...

Letting go is an active decision of allowing things to be. Laziness is a passive desire to not exert any effort.

Letting go is allowing old stories to leave you, in order to make room for miracles to happen.

Laziness is keeping your old story alive and resting in its mediocrity.

Letting go is a faith-filled trust in the unseen unknown.

Laziness is fearful retreat to the comfort of the known.

Letting go is to be still and be open to receive from the universe.

Laziness is to be idle and to shut yourself off from life's gifts.

Letting go is the submission to God and to the higher forces of nature.

Laziness is the dependency on people, circumstances and conditions.

Letting go is a selfless and brave offer of yourself to the world.

Laziness is a selfish pursuit of doing less and risking less.

Letting go is reducing what you have and increasing your appreciation of what remains.

Laziness is reducing effort and action, and increasing escape and sloth.

Letting go is the submission to the universe.

Laziness is the submission to your couch and bed.

Letting go is giving up control of doing.

Laziness is taking control over not doing.

Letting go is action, growth and progress.

Laziness is stagnation, hopelessness and regress.

It's not easy to let go in a modern world, where people are constantly fighting for power, fame and money. We are often scared to let go out of our fear of scarcity, death and losing what we have.

I hope you always remember that letting go is different than laziness and loss.

I hope you always remember that letting go is about adding and not losing.

And most importantly...

I hope you always have the strength to let go!

Nothing is more beautiful than letting go!

Yours in Magic,


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