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Life is Served!

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

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When you are hungry…

For meaning.

For purpose.

For feeling good.

For love.

For a life well-lived...

Your impulse is to immediately hunt for food to fill your mind, heart, and soul.

The ancient human learned that if they felt hungry and did not immediately look for food, they would die.

And so, when we are feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, unseen or unloved, we do the same...

We quickly attend to fixing our "issues" and coming up with solutions.

We repeatedly consume addictions to numb our feelings.

We immediately seek happiness in buying things we don’t want.

We instantly manufacture stories to convince ourselves that our lives are not so bad.

We impatiently look for love in the first person entering through the door.

We blindly grant our friendship to irrelevant people who didn't earn it.


These quick fixes can give us the illusion of control,

Make us feel less helpless,

Allow us to feel loved,

Guide us towards solutions outside of us,

Or even help us escape and forget.

But sadly, all these can be unsatisfying to the original hunger we first felt.

Your quick fixes are only going to attract more hunger and frustration.

Instead of searching for the kitchen or the fridge, why not build a table for your meal?

To feel your hunger.

To be with your feelings.

To accept and love your "issues".

And to see every part of you that wants to be seen.

The best things in life will be served on time... only when your table is ready!

Yours in Magic,


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