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Living a Slow Life

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Photo by Pascal van de Vendel

A slow life is not a low life.

It's a rich one.

It's that life where you can see more, feel more, and live fully.

It's that life where you can experience a deeper connection with yourself.

It's that life where you can see the goodness in people's souls.

It's that life where the laws of nature and love can be seen and understood clearly.

It's that life where gratitude and appreciation for one's presence is remembered.

In a slow life...

Your senses sharpen at noticing beautiful patterns and signs.

You start to see details clearly, smell flowers joyfully, taste your food deliciously, walk your path steadily, drive your car unhurriedly, chat with people curiously, feel your sadness gently, hug your loved ones warmly, and take everyday problems light-heartedly.

A slow life is not slow.

It's fast!... Infinitely fast that our definition of time falls short of measuring it.

A minute in a slow life is worth hours in a fast modern life.

Every second you are present feels like hours of joyful living.

Think of the clock ticking sound...

In a modern life, it sounds exactly like how we know it: tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock....

In a slow life, it's an uninterrupted and continuous sound of eternity.

In a slow life, a clock doesn't mean much. It's a human invention confining time within the limits of our understanding.

A slow life is not a fomo life...

You may think a slow life means not doing much, and missing out on the exciting things you can experience in the world.

But it's not.

In a slow life...

You can create in an hour what you would not have been able to create in years.

You can get more of what matters done.

You can rest deeper and better.

You can connect authentically with yourself and with others.

You can receive the most original ideas. And you can channel profound creations into the world.

A slow life is a "flow" life.

In a slow life...

Life flows really smoothly.

Ideas are expressed effortlessly.

Opportunities pass by abundantly.

Obstacles guide you away wisely.

Big missions and difficult tasks look so easy.

Hard conversations run genuinely.

Everything seems to be conspiring with you and for you. Recently, I've designed my life to be a slow life.

I take frequent slow-down breaks. I walk slower. I stay still on a moving escalators. I invest time in smiling and greeting stranger. I stop to touch the flowers and shake the tree leaves. I allow the chocolate to melt slowly in my mouth. I meditate while eating an apple. I hug people a little longer. I inhale and exhale slowly and deeply. I soak up the sun. I stop to admire the moving clouds. I keep people in my thoughts. I meditate for an hour a day. I drive slowly. I dedicate myself fully to the person in front of me. I gaze at the depth of people's eyes. I do my work slowly and efficiently. I slow down conversations. I take less of "only what matters" on my plate. I take the time to mindfully notice what's around me...

My time now seems to be more following the laws of nature and less restricted by the human clock.

Anyone can live a time-abundant life. You can expand your hours, days, years, and your lifetime.

Slow is how life is meant to be lived.

Time to slow down.

Yours in Magic,


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