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On Ending Missions Without End

Updated: May 27, 2019

Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi

If you know me, you'll know that my mission has always revolved around youth and students. I have dedicated the last three years towards helping students discover their interests and passions, and prepare for life after graduation.

I lived around universities, led hundreds of talks, workshops, and coaching sessions, and my work reached thousands of students face-to-face offline.

I don't know about the impact of my work though. It's always been a mystery to quantify how my interactions with the students would influence them after years. It was all based on the faith that it will.

What I know and have always known was that my mission had no end. This fact never slowed me down. On the contrary, it made me more committed and got me up in the morning knowing I am working towards a greater cause.

But there comes a time when the wind changes its direction, and the ship knows it has to follow.

When you know you have done everything you could, and exhausted every bit of available energy you have.

When you are ready to let go of a mission you've dedicated your days and nights to.

When you need to clear the space in your life for what's next.

And when you are ready to receive the next thing.

That time is now.

Despite all those reasons anchoring my ship and resisting the wind: -The ego standing in the way. -The fear of a dying old story I strongly believed in. -The glory of "achievements". -The fear of change, resetting and restarting. - The fear of the unknown.

I am allowing myself to move on to the next thing, which I don't know yet.

To know whats next, I am accepting not knowing, and allowing the wind to do its magic.

The wind knows.

And though the ship does not know what the wind knows, it keeps sailing through the unknown sea, trusting the wind.

And so, wind, wind, I'll have you as a friend. And a precious godsend. Take me wherever you intend. To lands I can never comprehend. To the clouds, to the sea, And to missions without end.

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