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No Words in Mouth

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

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Most people don't know this...

When I speak, I often do not have words to say.


Yes. I open my mouth and start with general words like:

"Here is what I think...",


"How about...",

"I feel...",

"Three things...number one",

"I would say...", and so on...

Funny, right?

(especially that I've just been having a deep case of imposter syndrom. Above fits my description of an imposter! 😅)

You may ask why speak if you have nothing to say? You'll just end up saying nonsense and wasting people's time.

Maybe!.. Or maybe not!

When I am with people I feel connected to, I receive inspiration through that connection. I have strong feelings in my stomach which I know are rich, full of meaning, and worthy of being expressed.

The only thing I am often missing are the words to communicate them.

And so what I ensure... is to have faith.

I place so much faith in those feelings trusting they not coming from me, but through me from higher collective wisdom.

And I start a random and general words without even knowing what I am going to say.

This speaking process is very similar to my writing process.

I simply trust that words will come out through my mouth.

I allow myself to start without knowing.

And I trust with full faith that the meaning will be uncovered through those words.

This proves something to me...

Everybody has so much to communicate.

But our words fail us. We all receive the same wisdom from the same source. But most of us do not give it enough faith and trust, so we don't allow ourselves to say anything until we know what we are going to say.

That's why when someone else says something that resonates with us, we connect deeply with that person. It's because they were able to say what we ourselves were not able to say, but yet knew already and fully in our heart.

That proves another important thing to me...

We all have answers for ourselves within ourselves.

But our inability to translate those answers, we receive from the universe through our limited human words, draws us to rely on others who can translate them to us (we call them experts, mentors, teachers, elders, ...). All what those experts or mentors do is just communicate better than us.

So next time you feel like saying something wise and important, but not sure what it will be...

Just start the sentence,

And have faith in the message.

The rest will flow through you.

Yours in Magic,


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