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Nothing For Now!

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Photo by Florian Klauer

Last week marked the end of long and intensive three weeks of experimentation and discovery in a directors lab program in New York.

At the end of the program, the 58 directors who were part of the program were each asked to share one-at-a-time their plans of the next shows they will be directing.

While others were mentioning the wonderful shows they were working on, I was thinking of…


I absolutely had nothing planned for the future.

The pressure increased with every person describing their exciting plans. Meanwhile, I kept debating with myself whether to just come up with a random plan, or be a party pooper and end the streak of exciting plans.

When my turn came, I said that I am up to nothing, and that “I have no idea what’s next”.

In our society, we are always expected to know everything. And when we don’t know something, we often try to pretend that we know it.

Our inability to always immediately create meaning and understanding out of everything we encounter makes us jump to the knowing faster than normal.

We reach conclusions and knowing levels that are manufactured to cover up for our lack of control and clarity.

Every time I hear a question that demands that knowing, I take a step back and lovingly remind myself that it’s okay not to know.

If I may remind you too, it’s okay if you too don’t know.

Yours in Magic,


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