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Nothing Less; Nothing More

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

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The harder you try, the harder it is.

The more you try to let go, the more it stays.

The more you resist, the more it persists.

The more you try to fall asleep, the less likely you will.

The more you look for love, the less likely you'll find it.

The more you try to be calm, the angrier you'll get.

The more you say, the less you mean.

The less you feel your sadness, the sadder you are.

The more you try to solve problems, the more problems you'll create.

The more you search for happiness, the less happy you are.

Me: Why? I mean, like why? Isn't it unfair? I am doing everything right from my side and I get the opposite. I am trying my best. What else should I do other than trying?

Universe: Nothing.

Me: You mean I should not do anything to improve my life?!

Universe: No, you should do something. And that something is "Nothing".

Me (in total disbelief): What do you mean?

Universe: The more control you exercise to improve your life, the more likely you'll clash with my forces. Everything around you is weaved in a complicated web of patterns all conspiring for your evolution.

Those patterns, signs and synchronicity are all around you. It may be hard for you to see them, because your senses are not sharp enough to spot those patterns.

What you can do for now is to trust that I am here for you. That you have to do nothing more and nothing less than what needs to be done.

If life feels easy, you are in sync with my forces.

If opportunities knock on your door, you are starting to see my gifts.

If you are not harming yourself and others, your nature is matching my nature.

If you find joy and wonder in small details and moments, you are connecting with my infinite powers.

Me: So, what should I do now?

Universe: Nothing.

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