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On Becoming The Flow!

Photo by Kristopher Roller

I often look around for signs and clues form the universe to guide my direction in life.

Our day-to-day life is full of those signs and patterns of synchronicity. If we patiently and attentively look at what is present around us, we will be able to spot some of those signs in the most unnoticed corners of the universe.

For few months now, I've been looking at synchronicity as "something that happen" to me.

But I never thought of myself as a sign or as "something that could happen" to others...

Not until two weeks ago when I met a stranger while sharing a co-working desk with him in a public space....

I can't recall how we started the conversation, but we ended up talking for an hour about how god and the universe are always generously sending us gifts and signs to guide us in our lives. We also talked about how when our false control is removed from the equation of life, magic presents itself to us. Only then, we can receive all the best jobs, friends, money, meaning, love...

This man, who works in the organic and healthy food space, opened up to me during our conversation about how he was not satisfied with his job, and how he was working abroad away from home and away from his wife. He shared his dreams with me of creating his own farm back home to grow organic and healthy crops.

Few weeks later, I see him around the space. He smiled and waved at me from a distance. So I approached to shake hands and continue in my way.

He asked me to wait and said: "I quit and leaving the country back home after tomorrow".

"What?!", I said in surprise.

He told me that he felt in his heart that this is what he wanted. But he has been thinking about limitations rather than possibilities. This was the case until we had our conversation. He said it was what he needed to hear to make the decision.

Our conversation about flow and synchronicity was a synchronicity itself.

Sometimes we arrive at the right place, at the right time.

Sometimes when we are looking for signs, we might as well be the signs.

Maybe when you believe in flow, synchronicity, and nature...

You become flow, synchronicity and nature for others.

Be the flow.

Yours in Magic,


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