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On Closing Old Stories

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

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Death, endings and rebirth are natural cycles of life.

We graduate from school.

We leave a job.

We end a relationship.

We part ways with a friend.

We lose a family member.

Every start has an end.

And every life will meet its death.

It's a beautiful, equally tragic, cycle of continual regeneration and evolution.

When we end one story in our lives, we look forward to receiving the next one. We get excited about starting a new job, launching a new business, moving to a new place...

However, in spite of stepping into that new story, we sometimes still continue to carry with us the same feelings of frustration, anger, or sadness we carried in our old story.

But, why?!

The thing is sometimes what you thought was a new story, might have been just a new chapter within the same old story.

Maybe you have not fully let go of your old story.

Maybe you are still trapped in new versions of your very same old story.

Maybe your new story might just be a continuation of the familiar and the known.

Maybe you are still living within the limits of your past disguised in the present.

It's hard to let go of the familiar and move to the unfamiliar.

It's hard to stop knowing after having known.

It's hard to drop your expectations after having set them.

Maybe it's hard, because you are not embracing endings.

Maybe you are still feeling stuck despite change, because you are not allowing death to take place.

Your old story is ready to die.

Recognize that.

Let it die.

And let yourself be reborn into your new story.

Instead of starting a new chapter...

Start a new story.

Yours in Magic,


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