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On Resisting Inspiration

Photo by Vale Zmeykov

Ideas have been clamoring in my head for attention.

Now, more than ever..

Ever since I left my old job and wrapped up the recent chapter of my life, I’ve been seeing things that were unclear before, when my old story was alive. And I’ve been noticing opportunities, that I’ve never noticed before, passing my way.

Some of them are small, like I want to go for a chocolate ice cream.

Others are big, like I am going to scrap most of my business model (launching soon) and focus it on one of the most challenging areas to tackle and commercialize in this region.

I feel excited about those big ideas, yet deeply terrified.

I find myself trying to make up a reason behind those ideas, and work hard to justify my decisions.

Will I be able to carry out such a difficult mission?

Can this work as a business?

Will people be able to explain the value of my services?

Where do I start?

Part of me is resisting those inspirations, because they’re new, not very well-understood, and they have a high probability of being rejected in the region.

But frankly, most of my resistance is coming from my fear of judgement:

He gave up a great job to build a failing business…

He is building a business around something vague and unclear.

Oh, how sad! He is not going to make any money out of this.

As I am sitting here right now in my chair on a Wednesday night, doing a great job at logically thinking things through, I feel silly!

I am realizing how blinded I am for placing what is “reasonably right” above what “feels right”.

I am viewing those big ideas; those gifts sent to me from a higher place of wisdom, as a huge burden!

Those gifts are decisions that have already been made for me. All they are waiting for is someone to unwrap them.

Someone who is ready to express them fearlessly, and say yes to them.

And I can’t help but keep thinking. If not me, then who?

If not yes, then no?!

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