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Purposeless Meditation

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"Silence is how we communicate to a higher power. Prayer is how we speak to God. Intuition is how God responds."

~ Wayne Dyer

Meditation changed my life.

I try my best not to call meditation "Meditation", because the word comes with baggage. I try my best to name the state, rather the than process.

Meditation is the process, the action, or the activity.

Silence, Stillness, Nothingness can be names for the state, source, space, or experience we are tapping into.

We live in a society where people are obsessed with guides, steps, and structures for the doing.

And so, meditation as a process has many different guides, steps, structures, and schools of thought.

However, Silence, Stillness, and Nothingness are always going to be that space where magic comes from. It doesn't matter how we get there, as long as we get there.

Often people talk about meditation as something that can be guided with purpose and intention. You listen to a voice while someone guides your breath, your thoughts, and your feelings through words, to help you reduce stress and anxiety, and achieve calmness, deep rest, gratitude, happiness, ....

This is all good.

But good is not only it.

There is more.

Much more.

Like infinite amount of benefit to meditation, that lies in the space of Silence.

To access that infinite and mysterious source, I like to practice what I name Purposeless Meditation.

Yes, mediation without a purpose is pure and uncontaminated by logic and conscious alteration.

You don't enter the state with preconceived ideas, preset intentions, or predefined agenda.

You just enter the state. That's it.

When we meditate without intention, the benefit is much larger than our limited expectations, intentions or purpose. The benefit is infinite.

What I am trying to say is simple:

If you'd like to meditate, follow this 1-step process:

Yes, exactly. It's one step and it's nothing.

In Purposeless Mediation,

Just listen to silence.

Just move in stillness.

Just exist in nothingness.

Just be.

Yours in Magic,


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