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Safe to Connect

Photo by Joshua Ness

If I don't feel safe, I won't be myself.

If I am not myself, I won't connect with you.

If we don't connect together, you won't feel safe.

If you don't feel safe, you won't be yourself.

If you're not yourself, you won't connect with me.

If we don't connect together, I won't feel safe.

Wait what?! Yes. That unsafe space started with you.

You felt unsafe, others mirrored you, and then you mirrored them.

You are responsible for creating your own "safe space". If you feel safe, others will feel safe. If you don't, others won't.

For a true authentic connection to form between two humans, it takes one person to stop the cycle of disconnection.

One gesture. One smile. One word. One question. One eye contact. Just one, not more.

You ask, what's that one thing?

It doesn't matter what that one initiation is.

What matters is that it's authentic and comes from a place of trust and safety within the self.

And the sole job of that one form of communication is to tell the other person that they're safe, and that you are not here to hurt them.

In return, they will reward you by trusting and feeling safe within themselves...which in turn will remind you that you are safe, and that they are not here to hurt you.

If there is no intention of hate, there is an intention of love.

That's authentic connection.

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