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Shaking Your Belief System

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

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I am constantly challenging my beliefs.

Everything!.. From societal and economic systems to religious and existential views.

What is meaningful work?

Why am I here?

Who is god?

Why do I pray?

What is the soul?

What's my gender identity?

What is a hero?

What's connection?

What's love?

What does death mean?

What is home?

What if I lose everything?

What if no one is wrong?

I've been discovering deep layers of programming in my life coming from my upbringing, education, society, media and few other systems.

The more I dig deeper, the more layers I find.

Most times I get excited and feel liberated as I see truths I've never seen before.

Some other times, it gets me to a point where I am wondering when this questioning will end, and what the point of living is!

It can feel confusing to question what one has been brought up with.

It can also feel threatening to the self and to others who've been brought up with the same beliefs.

And so I often make it a regular practice to shake my belief system gently, gradually and in solitude.

I've seen two possible outcomes coming out of shaking my belief system: retire or anchor.

When you do something because of the subconscious programming in your mind, you are living less from a place of presence and possibility and more from a place of history and past.

And so when you question the belief behind it, you'll either discover that it's meaningless bullshit or a meaningful truth. You'll either retire the former or anchor the latter.

In other words, you are keeping what matters and letting go of what doesn't.

This is a beautiful process I find helpful in unlayering levels of conditioning we've been living in without noticing for decades.

It's an empowering and purifying practice to challenge your beliefs.

You reclaim agency in your life.

You free your soul from what doesn't serve you.

You become light and fearless.

And you start to see unlimited possibilities.

Those systems you've been living might be residing outside of you and could seem impossible to change. But the reality is that their imposed beliefs reside within you.

Think of the systems as the jailers and your beliefs as handcuffs. Without handcuffs, jailors cannot keep you within their control.

You can leave the system by doing the inner work of detaching from their handcuffs in your mind, their programmed beliefs.

The human systems of economics, education, spirituality, and others, have so far been able to stand the test of time, because of their followers who keep them alive.

If people understood that the system is not themselves, their detachment will become easier and will feel less like death to themselves, but rather death to the system.

I dream of being in an environment and a community where you are invited and supported to constantly challenge your beliefs, not from fear and ego but from love and growth-mindset.

I say shake your beliefs gently with love.

Do the inner work of unlayering legacies.

Hop off what no longer serves humanity.

Do it gradually and be kind to yourself.

It takes time, courage and faith.

And I promise you do have all what it takes!

Yours in Magic,


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