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Should Stop Shoulding!

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Photo by JR Korpa

I am thinking about should, must, and have to.

Notice how often we use these words, and why we use them.

I should go to work.

I have to start going to the gym.

I should eat healthy.

I have to exercise.

These words tell us so much about our relationship with ourselves... one that's filled with self-hatred, shame, guilt, and/or fear.

If we start to become aware of them and notice them with curiosity and not with judgement, how will the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves change!

Every time I happen to mention any of these words, I pause, curiously smile, and then continue saying what I wanted to say.

That practice helped me a lot become consciously aware of my relationship with myself.

This awareness is enough to shift your relationship with yourself to a more empathetic, kind and loving way.

From now on, I should stop saying should!

God! I am saying it again! 😅

Yours in Magic,


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