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Slowing Down To The Speed Of Life

Updated: May 29, 2019

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo

Walking with a man who "knows", he shared with me his advice in full self-confidence and conviction:

"If you don't act fast,

Opportunities will pass.

You'll miss the greener grass,

And you'll always be the last."

I told him,

"Opportunities come just as many as, if not more than, those that go away."

He replied,

"But you'll lose the chance,

In your life to advance."

I said,

"Chance can never be owned. How can one lose what they never owned! There are zillions of factors at play when it comes to chance. You make only one contributing factor.

He passionately replied,

"If you don't move fast,

You'll dwell on your past,

And you'll never have a blast

Because life's not gonna ever last."

I took a deep breath and said:

"True. We're all gonna die. But life was never fast to begin with.

Speed is relative.

If you are driving your car from home to the cinema, you are moving at a relative speed of zero to the car you are riding. You are "still" in that car because you are both moving at the same speed.

And so is life.

Life is "still".

Always growing and expanding in that natural state.

If you synchronise your speed with life's speed, you will grow and expand along with it."

"But if life was still indeed,

How would I know its speed?", he asked.

I said,

"You don't. You can only feel it.

Stillness is a type of movement, that we are yet to understand. And for you to synchronise with stillness, you have to feel a complete detachment from yourself and a deep connection with your "Self".

And let me remind you that if you try to move faster than life, you'll receive more than you can handle. Just as when you reach the cinema earlier and wait for hours for the movie to begin, you may reach your goals unready to carry them forward and might wait for years to get ready.

You need to find the serenity and peace in feeling still. For that you need patience. And patience is your car gear.

The man said,

"Your thoughts are slick.

In my mind, they click.

But I am still sceptic,

For if you don't act quick,

Life might give you a kick,

And all your problems will stick..."

I stopped walking and planted my feet in my place.

The man kept moving on his way until I lost sight of him.

I never saw him again.

He is probably waiting for the movie to begin.

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