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Summoning Up Eternal Moments

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Photo by Jan-Henrik Franz

When we are rushing through life,

When we experience the presence briefly,

And when a beautiful moment passes...

Is it really gone? Maybe.

Or Maybe there is a way to bring those moments back to life.

Maybe there is a way to recall their beauty and uniqueness.

Having experienced past moments briefly, I think we can always attempt to bring them back to the present moment.

But under one condition...

We must have been present at the time we experienced them.

When you are present through a moment, you may consciously and mindfully register one specific detail or more about people and objects in your memory: A view. A feeling. A smell. A sound. A sensation...

One visual, auditory, or kinesthetic detail is enough to build a mental imagery of the experience you'd like to re-experience and bring to life. Once you recall that one specific detail of the experience, you can start painting other fictional details around that real one.

Within seconds, you can navigate that same experience interacting with people and reliving moments that have already passed.

The Still Space

Those moments are assumed to be gone. Yet, we are able to bring them back through our consciousness transcending the dimensions of spacetime anytime we want.

There is a still space that resides within us, where we can relive moments of our lives again and again.

I choose to believe that our subconscious programs and traumatic experiences are unconsciously relived non-stop in that still space too.

I also believe that this still space is shared. So whenever I am reliving moments from my past, I am also possibly sending an invitation including people to share them with me.

That's why we sometimes coincidentally and magically cross thoughts with others who think of us at the same time.

What else is possible?

There could possibly be a way to synchronize summoning up those moments to be co-lived simultaneously by two or more people in that space. This can happen just through simple thoughts or at deeper state of lucid or sleep dreaming.

Think about all your lost moments, lost friends, lost loved ones, and lost experiences.... Were they really lost?

If you can relive them in your mind, and your mind is still alive in this world, doesn't that mean our losses haven't actually left our world! You've experienced them once.

You know how they felt to you.

And you still remember at least one tiny detail about them.

You can share them with others, and invite others to reshare them with you.

You can relive memories through a simple "thinking of you" call or text to a friend or loved one...

Or you can sit in solitude, in that still space, summon up the memory in your mind, and bring it back to life.

This can only prove one thing..

Nothing is ever lost.

Nothing will ever be lost.

It's all out there.

All you have to do is just to bring it back into life.

Yours in Magic,


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