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The Baggage of Eastern Society

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

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If you live in an Eastern Society (like I do), you already understand how difficult it is to start something new over here.

Starting anything: a new career, your own business, a non-profit, freelancing, volunteering, or even doing nothing, are all ways to unleash the gently fierce voices of concern, urgency and judgement by society.

If you start anything new in an Eastern Society…

You are dreaming too big and too wild.

You are ditching your current income and security.

You are losing stability and direction.

You are slowing down and stumbling in your life.

You are not competent, experienced or ready enough for it.

You are embarrassing yourself and disgracing your family name. You've been getting brainwashed by your friends and mentors.

You are not going to make quick results, so you better stop.

You are highly likely to fail.

While all this baggage of concerns and judgements have a true and valid side, it also have an anxious and fictional side.

As long as you live in the eastern part of the world, you cannot escape at least one or more of your society baggage that comes along with starting.

So, what do you do with this baggage?

Carry it with you? Or leave it away and depart on your journey?

Listen to distraction? Or shut off your ears?

Give attention? Or Ignore?

The truth is…

Giving too much of your attention to the noise holds you back and slows you down.

While giving no fucks about them takes off your connection and belonging to the people you love.

Most people are under the illusion that they are making a choice between only those two options.

But what ends up happening in reality is mix of the two options...

We end up checking the baggage in with us.

We might keep our baggage closed to avoid the painfully opposing forces of resistance.

Once in a while, when we miss connection and validation, we open the baggage briefly, but end up tasting society’s judgement with it.

And so, the alternating cycle of opening and closing society's baggage is inevitable.

I don’t think we can ever drop all society’s baggage. We need people in our lives.

Instead of trying to drop it all at once (which is impossible and can end your beginning tragically), we can instead learn to let go of this baggage gradually over time.

This way we can become lighter and happier as we gradually and gently drop more of society judgements and distractions.

But that can only happen when we acknowledge the baggage we are carrying, see what’s in it, and be compassionate towards those who filled it for us (Parents, partners, friends, strangers....)

Opening the baggage two wide or for too long (i.e. seeking approval on everything before starting, considering every objection on your steps…) can overwhelm you, drain your time and energy, and leave you exhausted, ashamed or guilty.

Closing the baggage for a long time (i.e. ignoring every feedback, isolating yourself for long time, eliminating interactions with people…) can disconnect you, hollow out your successes and leave you in a place of loneliness.

As you depart on your journey of starting your passion project and purpose-filled mission…

Always remember the baggage that comes with your mission.

Be ready to gently and lovingly carry it.

Be aware to moderately and gradually open it over time.

Be mindful to close it when your mental and emotional health calls for it.

Everybody is going through life differently including your society and loved ones.

Be kind to them as they try to grasp what you are starting.

Most importantly, be kind to yourself.

Safe travels!

Yours in Magic,


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