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The Cloud of Wisdom

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Photo by Mahir Uysal

I don't think that there are people who know and people who do not know. I think we all have equal levels of knowing.

The difference is...

Some of us are aware of this knowing, while others are not.

Some of us can communicate it, while others cannot.

Some of us are able to live it, while others are not.

I believe our knowing comes from one source. And that source is not physical.

It doesn't come from books or Google…

It doesn’t come from other people: parents, boss, mentor, friends,…

(They are merely messengers and not creators).

I believe it comes from a shared space of higher wisdom.

I don’t know where this space exists and how it looks like...

(I sometimes imagine it to be a really huge cloud that is constantly shifting in color and shape. Other times I see it as wide, open and empty space that looks and feels like a hospital/airport waiting room).

Because that space is shared, anybody can access it.

And the best way to access it is by not trying to access it!

What do you mean?

We are often told that magic lies outside of our comfort zone. But I believe magic also lies inside our comfort zone.

You know how your best ideas come in the least expected ways, at the least expected circumstances, and when you are least trying?

When you are in the shower… Or driving your car… Or cooking…. Or walking… or when you're doing a totally different activity than trying to know!

That’s how you can attempt to access it!

When you are doing a mundane activity, you are in your comfort zone. And that means that you're most probably not anxious, not worried, and not afraid.

Mundane activities become mundane after thousands of hours of repetition; doing the same thing again and again. When the once-exciting becomes mundane, you will find your comfortable and safe space.

That's when you're able to tap into flow state. When you become in flow, you are tapping into that shared space of higher wisdom.

You can grab as much as you want, and you can bring it back here with you.

You may find it challenging to try to communicate this wisdom, because words are human-made and cannot contain or express that divine knowing.

But when you do, you will have channelled a beautiful wisdom and creation into this world.

Let's always remember that wisdom is not a distributed knowledge and does not only belong to experts, leaders, bearded men and elderly symbols of wisdom.

Anybody can bring profound and original creations into our world, no matter what their gender, age, ethnicity, and background is.

We are all equal in our knowing. And we all borrow our knowing from the same shared space of higher wisdom.

What we communicate does not belong to us.

It belongs to that mysterious cloud of wisdom.

No one person knows...

Everyone knows!

Yours in Magic,


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