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The Quiet Disquiet: On Listening to the Voice Within

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Even the quietest voice within can be heard in silence.

We live at a time when most people are quietly walking through life in disquiet.

We live lives that look great from the outside, but deep down are filled with doubt.

We hold our highest ambitions and deepest struggles in an inaccessible place within.

We keep what matters most locked inside our hearts, and we protect our hearts from being touched by us or by others.

Not only that, but we also seek help from people who "know", and we forget that we knew it all along.

We look for outside answers, not knowing that all this time they were right within us, waiting for us to hear our silent voice.

This silent voice I am referring to, is not the voice we hear in our head...

It's the voice of the universe embodied in our hearts.

It's the voice of our inner child silenced from the past.

It's the voice of our soul that already knows the truth.

This young voice within us was loud and clear in the first few years of our life, but slowly over time and as we grew up, it was forcefully placed on pause.

There are two main shifts that took place in our past that made our inner voice nowadays to be quieter:

1) The Internal Shift

Three things shifted externally that made our inner voice quieter:

1- Losing Love

After few peaceful and loving years of being cared for and unconditionally loved, our parents slowly started reducing their attachment to us as we grew up.

They stopped spoon-feeding us. They stopped us from sleeping by their side. We started drinking milk out of a cup instead of our mothers. We discovered when we first injured ourselves, that our parents could not protect us from hurt. We felt rejected when our late-night chocolate requests were declined...

It took us time to realize this, but we eventually discovered that we were slowly being abandoned. This was a complete shock and a big let down by whom we considered our strong protectors and caring lovers.

2- Pursuing Love

This loss of safety and love created a gaping void within that made us feel restless and less than whole.

All what we said or did afterwards was the result of this abandonment. Like most others, we silently took on the mission of outwardly seeking connection to fill that void.

This mission became a never-ending pursuit of belonging and safety, looked for in family, friends, partners, community, employers, flags, institutions, sports teams,...

3- Exiting our inner world

Our pursuit of belonging led us outside of ourselves, looking for others who can accept us and love us, like our parents once made us feel.

We slowly started exiting the inside world and directed our attention to the people who reside outside of it. It became evident over time that the only shared space we have with others is the physical world. Anything else is a fantasy of our own imagination and a place of isolation and loneliness away from the community (we even attempted to name those as extroversion and introversion!).

Our senses became so focused externally, that we got better at hearing and seeing the outside clearer than the inside. Our outside senses have became sharper than our inside.

2) The External Shift

Three things shifted externally that made our inner voice quieter:

1- Ease of Connection

With a click of a button, we can now connect with anyone around the world. We can feel the sense of belonging by joining a facebook group. We can feel the safety of expressing ourselves behind a screen at the comfort of our sofa, in our pyjama and eating Doritos.

This temporary feeling of connection and belonging through a screen has succeeded in replacing our need to connect with ourselves.

2- The Abundant Noise.

The world has rapidly grown in its material and intellectual abundance. Our lives have become flooded with a huge amount of material and information through the eruption of media and consumerism driving us to 21st century pleasure, escape addictions, and fearful news. Everything we need and don't need has become available for us.

This abundance grew our to-do-list and decreased our ability to focus on what matters. While the clutter of life continue to compete for our attention, diving into ourselves takes the 835th priority.

3- The Unstoppable Speed

With the increased material abundance and the long work hours, our time has become scarce. We feel time at our hands but we can't quite get a grip on it. It feels like time is escaping us. And our only way to get any chance of winning this race of time has become to increase our speed, or in other words, to move faster than life.

While life is unable to catch up with our pace of living, we now find it so difficult to slow down and find time to step inside ourselves.

A Pledge to Silence

While the world is only going to get noisier, faster, and more abundant, we can choose not to ride its wave...

We can choose to bravely let go and sink to the bottom of the still and the quiet silence of the deep ocean.

Silence is not silent. It's full of sounds.

Yes, it can be difficult to catch a feeling, a thought or an inspiration that is too quiet to be heard in a noisy environment.

But once you slow down and step into silence, you will start to notice the quiet sounds becoming louder. All along, they've been hiding behind the noise and distractions of the busy everyday.

When you take the time to listen to silence, you will realize how much you have not been paying attention to the rich sounds that reside within.

Even the quietest voice within can be heard in silence.

All you need is a closed room, a silent corner, an empty shadow, a small rock by a river or a tree,... where you can hear the unheard and see the unseen.

As you regularly practise more being in solitude, you will become better at silent and still living not only in quiet spaces, but also when you are in the middle of a chaotic room, a crowded mall or a loud party.

The quiet disquiet does not have to continue to be quiet!

You can gift it with silence, listen to it and release it.

You can start to become aware of what's calling to be heard and seen.

You can meet your truths one by one.

I hope you meet all your truths.

Yours in magic,


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