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The Sameness of Everyday

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Photo by Erol Ahmed

Every day is the same.

Same routine.

Same alarm.

Same car.

Same route.

Same job.

Same people.

Same of almost everything.

Life often feels like it's on repeat.

You end one day. So you can repeat it again tomorrow.

For many, this could lead to boredom, complacency, and dissatisfaction about one's life.

For few others, it could also go to the extreme of triggering life crisis about one's reason for existence and their purpose in life.

I don't think we will ever escape the habitual repetitiveness of life.

The river flows, the earth rotates, the sun rises and sets, the trees patiently stand still, the birds look for food... It's a necessary cycle of nature!

Routine also has its benefits, as we always hear about the infamous benefits of building habits and consistency: From saving willpower and energy, to accumulating small steps into big results...

And so the question is...

While we can't escape the routine life, how do we escape the boring feeling of repetitiveness?

One thing I've been experimenting with, that magically works really well...

I live in the details.

Every day and ever activity, no matter how similar they may appear to the day before, are different.

And so, I always hunt for details not in new places, but in the very same places everyday.

For example, I have the same morning routine everyday. There are trees and flowers I pass around. Everyday I interact with them differently. Every day I notice, hear, feel something new about them.

Some days I touch them.

Other days I high-five their branches.

Sometimes, I even have conversations with them.

I don't invest more time in my routine. It's the same routine with the same duration, but just with an additional spicing of active presence.

There are millions of different details you can notice about the very same thing that will add add joy and excitement to your life.

To live in details, you require the active involvement of two things: curiosity and noticing.


You want to be genuinely curios about the world. You can activate your curiosity by asking yourself open-ended questions.

For example, about trees, I ask myself everyday: What are trees trying to say to me? Why are they still? How are they interacting with other trees? How do they feel in different seasons? Are they feeling happy/sad when their leaves are falling?


To notice is to stay still.

When you stop, you start feeling a different rhythm. Your senses start sharpening. That's what noticing skills are. They are simply your senses being used consciously and actively by your own choice.

I see because I choose to look.

I hear because I choose to listen.

I feel because I choose to touch.

The more you sit in silence (meditate), the more you can sync with that rhythm of stillness. And the more you start noticing beautiful details you've never noticed them before.

Finding the magic in the banal and the extraordinary in the ordinary is how I live the same day everyday differently.

Every morning is just beautiful, in its own different way. You can turn routines into new experiences everyday.

Start by being curious, be still and actively noticing.

Yours in Magic,


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