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Three Portions Of Love!

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

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I've been experimenting a lot around compassion and love, and noticing how people respond when I share my love with them.

By love, I mean that authentic and deep connection towards your fellow earth resident, free of expectations and preset agenda.

I've been sharing plenty of it with people I know and with strangers (through smiles, eye contact, handshakes, hugs, compliments, words, gifts, listening and sharing attention).

Whenever you share your love with someone, you will notice one of two responses:

1- They'll either feel safe with you, and open up more.

2- Or, they'll feel skeptical about your intention, and close off more.

For example, whenever I flash a smile at a stranger in public everyday, their response is to either ignore me completely, or to smile back at me.

I find it very interesting when someone looks away and rejects my gesture of love. It momentarily embarrasses and disappoints me.

But then, I comfort myself by reminding myself that their response is less about me and more about them...

I wonder if it's shyness, introversion, or mistrust.

I wonder what they've been through in their lives and how their childhood was.

I wonder how they reached this point of rejecting those who see in them the beauty they're no longer able to see in themselves.

I wonder who has hurt them or rejected their love in the past, which taught them to reject others' love now.

I am surely not judging anyone who rejects love from me. Everyone has all the right to respond in any way that serves them. In fact, I am an introvert myself who is uncomfortable with strangers, and find it challenging to express intimately and warmly with others. It's been intense work for me to learn how to become comfortable with expressing love to people.

But we are who we are because of what has happened to us.

And now that we are who we are, the question is... What can we do to heal?

I have come to realize, especially over the last 9 months as I went through the tough phase of my physical and mental collapse, that the way to grow, heal, and birth life through our soul is to welcome love into our lives.

I believe that love has a healing power that comes in three different forms. I call them the Three Love Portions:

Portion (1): Sent-Love.

Portion (2): Received-Love.

Portion (3): Self-Love.

Those three love portions, when experienced, have different effects on us.

(I am yet to understand how they are different. I can only feel they are different- that's a blog post for later when I find words to describe the difference).

For now, I'd like to invite you to experiment around tasting those three love portions:

1- Sent-Love: It can be tasted easily by sharing a smile, a genuine eye contact or a hug with a loved one or a stranger.

2- Received-Love: You can taste it by allowing someone's eye contact, smile or compliment about you to feed love to you. When a gesture of love is fed to you, drop your guards and acknowledge it. Feel how it affects you when you let it in.

3- Self-Love: It's best tasted when you are feeling a difficult emotion (sadness, fear, anger...). Close your eyes and sit with it. See it with no judgement and send love to yourself.

If you think of it, your sent-love, if accepted, is someone else's received-love.

And your received-love is someone else's sent love.

I see love as one form of energy flowing in different directions: outward, inward, and within. Depending on the direction, the impact on the self is different.

I'd love to hear your thoughts how different those three types of love feel for you.

That's what I am thinking about as I am ending my Tuesday evening!

How mysterious love is!

Yours in Magic,


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