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Traveling Without a Flight Ticket

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Photo by Etienne Jong

Do you know that beautiful feeling when you travel and disconnect from home?

That feeling when you re-connect with yourself and with the world like a child experiencing life for the first time?

That feeling when you experience serenity, calmness, peace, freedom, and wonder?

Every trip I took to a different country made me feel like that. It changed my world and brought me to new realizations and deep connections I had never thought existed!

"Only if we could travel everyday!"

I can. I do it everyday.

Every morning I travel without a flight ticket...

To a world of fantasy fuelled by my imagination.

To any place of my choice.

And to any person I'd like to meet.

Every morning around sunrise, I set aside at least 3 hours of my day to "travel". There are three different ways I created for myself to travel away from the ordinary to the extraordinary and experience a travel-feel like everyday:

1- Sacredness

I found a space that's my space, and that's nobody else's space (It's outdoor in nature).

I found a time that's my time, and that's nobody else's shared time with me (It's technology/people-free time).

I made this space and this time the container of my sacred ritual. I keep it a secret from people, so I can maintain my respect and devotion to traveling to this place. Whenever I enter this space and time, I will have transported myself to a space of wonder and connection that exactly feels like traveling to a new place.

2- Depart & Arrive Back.

Another easy way to experience a travel-feel like is to:

Depart and then arrive back. Exit and then re-enter. Zoom out and then zoom back in.

Stage 1 (Depart):

I remind myself of how small I am compared to the city, country, continent, planet, galaxy and the universe. I look around in vast spaces in the sky: sun, clouds, birds, cars, buildings, and far away places.

This feels like zooming out of myself and escaping home to the larger universe.

Stage 2 (Arrive back):

I zoom in every single detail in my surrounding. I notice the things I could not see before. I direct all my senses towards them and enhance every detail. I see, hear, smell, and touch my surrounding. I fall in love with the beauty of specificity and uniqueness of details.

This feels like zooming back in with fresh new eyes, and arriving at a new place you've been to before but now see differently in a totally new way.

3- Use Your Mind (VR/AR) Your mind can produce experiences of augmented reality and virtual reality for you. You do not need any additional glasses or hardware. You already have the hardware. Your senses and mind are enough.

Every day I recreate thoughts and feelings that transport me to any place, time or state I'd like to experience. I close my eyes. I think and feel where I'd like to be, and with whom I want to be. I suspend my disbelief and allow those thoughts and feelings to carry me over just like a passenger surrendering to the pilot controlling the airplane.

I transcend the limitations of the physical world and enter a world of fantasy that I create for myself. I stay in it for as long as I want.

This is my daily morning routine of travelling from the ordinary to the extraordinary. I practice one or two or all of them every day. They work well for me.

You can either complain about not having enough money, vacation days, or time to travel. Or you can attempt to simulate the same feeling and thought your mind creates while traveling.

You can feel free and you can feel connected without even crossing any borders.

That's what I do everyday. Best of all, it costs nothing.

And I get to carry that feeling everyday over the rest of the day.

Yours in Magic,


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