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Triggers, Not Causes!

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

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For every action, there is a reaction.

For every life event we encounter, we have a response.

Sometimes, this response is intentional and comes at the conscious level of the mind.

Most times, it is impulsive and comes from the automatic programmes in our subconscious mind.

It's easy to think that all our responses are caused by what we face.

It's easy to assume that their existence are solely due to external events outside of us.

If I feel angry, it's because someone lied to me. If I feel sad, it's because I failed at a project. If I feel afraid, it's because it's because it's scary to do.

The reality is that the majority of our responses are amplified versions of what already and silently exist within us. They already existed within us long before we came into contact with the event or the "cause".

Our responses are unresolved feelings and repeated patterns from our past life. How we respond is a continuation of those patterns and feelings carried over from the past to the present.

Unresolved feelings (anger, sadness, fear,... ) run deep within us due to traumatic events we faced when we were young. Though those causal events might have been forgotten, any similar events in the future (even if small) can trigger similar or even amplified versions of the same responses.

It's easy to look at those triggers as your enemy reminding you of what you might have forgotten, and bringing the worst feelings in you.


You can consider them as a friend giving you an opportunity to resolve the unresolved.

I strongly believe that every trigger is a surfacing opportunity for you to see an unseen feeling...

You can either escape it and numb it through addictions, or you can see the blessing of what is asking to be seen and felt.

(This doesn't mean the triggers are innocent and should be kept. You are encouraged to eliminate or detach from the triggers, if they pose threat to your safety/well-being.)

I know how difficult this is to face, but every seemingly-external issue you might face is in reality an unresolved inner feeling. The triggers are not the cause. They are just reminders!

Equally, you are not the cause of other's struggles.

Be kind to yourself too! Everybody is having their own fight.

In summary...

What happen to us in our adult life are just triggers.

How we feel about those life events is up to us.

How we respond is completely in our hands.

Notice and love your impulses.

Reflect on the trigger.

And most importantly...

See, love and be with your unfelt feelings until they leave you.

It gets easier, the more you do it.

I promise.

Yours in Magic,


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