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Two Eyes Meeting

Photo by Andrii Podilnyk

Two pairs meeting.

Both are eyes.

They attempt a greeting.

In total surprise.

First pair sees.

Second on freeze.

What is it you want?

Two eyes locked.

They stand in there.

For an awkward moment,

Of silent stare.



Why am I looking?

Why are you looking?

What should we do?


Or join hands!

Two eyes now curious.

They sneak another peak.

For a deeper connection.

That’s all they seek.

For love and friendship,

They call unique.

Yet, in confusing affection,

They agree not to speak.

Two eyes parting.

They’re both upset,

They’re now starting,

To feel the regret.

Of a lost moment,

They can never get.

This feeling of connection,

They will never forget.

Two eyes longing.

For a fleeting glance.

Both are seeking,

A second chance.

Everyday wishing,

They were able to dance.

To the silent music,

Of their lost romance.

This is not a sad story.

Of a lost chance.

It is a wise lesson,

To know in advance.

Alone... Yet together!

Those two pairs,

Promised each other.

Next time, two eyes meet…

They shall live forever.

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