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Breaking Human Rules

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

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It's helpful to follow the rules of the world.

It helps you learn from others.

It helps you shape your moral compass.

It makes you feel you belong.

It makes you feel safe and protected by the herd.

Recently I've become a big fan of breaking the rules (without harming others).

Here, I am talking about the human rules. This covers explicit rules (policies, guidelines,...) and implicit rules (unwritten/unspoken rules, norms...).

Sometimes I do it for a reason. Other times I do it just for fun to see what happens.

Sometimes I simply do it to grow and explore the unexplored. Other times I do it to prove something or seek validation from people.

Regardless of the reason, I've always found it expanding and mind-opening whenever I unfollowed the rules. I've witnessed huge leaps and beautiful expansions with every rule I dismissed.

But wait... Am I not stepping into chaos when I unfollow rules?

Here is the interesting part...

When you unfollow human rules, you are not hopping off an organized system and joining chaos. You are instead joining a divine system. You are choosing to adopt the divine rules of the universe.

The more I sit in nature, the more I experience life in its bare conditions. I come closer to understanding the laws of nature. Those divine laws have qualities and wisdom beyond our understanding.

Gravity, wind, sun, river, ocean, clouds are all examples where the divine laws of nature are allowed to take place and effect without any resistance.

On the other hand, workplaces, worship places, schools, universities, homes, virtual social spaces, malls, relationships, exercise, meals, meetings, social gatherings are all examples where man-made rules are heavily applied in an effort to maintain hierarchy and achieve immortality.

Human laws do not have to clash with divine laws, but when they do, they delay the benefits of nature from making effect into the world.

What's magical about the divine laws is that they are generative, healing, and self-sustaining,

1- Generative: They constantly expand and create in the world.

2- Healing: They heal any mess ups or destruction caused by the human rules.

3- Self-sustaining: They don't require humans to intervene. They are immortal forces which have been in effect since the creation of life and will continue to be in effect for eternity.

What can I do knowing this now?

You can choose to let go of as many human rules as you can, to allow space for nature to continuously expand, create, and heal within you.

If you can't fit in within a certain system, do not be afraid to either attempt to change the rules to be in line with the divine laws, or to simply leave the system.

If your elderly guide you against your heart, feel free to disagree with them despite the inherited traditions of blind obedience.

If your relationship or marriage is not working, feel free to unbind your contract and give freedom to yourself/partner.

If you'd like to cry in public, shed as many tears as you want without caring about implicit norms of no-tears-in-public.

When you unfollow human rules, you are not living without any rules. You are simply replacing those mortal and comprehensible rules of human systems with the divine and mysterious laws of the nature.

In the divine and mysterious, is where all magic hides.

Yours in magic,


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