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Unfulfilled Dreams

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

It's brave to talk about your dreams.

What's even braver is to talk about your unfulfilled dreams.

We all once have dreamt of goals we wanted to achieve that did not happen. Some of us might have worked hard for months and years only to reach a point where the pursuit had to end.

Regardless of why it has ended, any ending journey is a story that is ready to be wrapped up.

But some of us might be hanging on to our dreams. We might have still not wrapped up our old stories until now.

That's called regret... Living in the past!

The way to allow those open stories and regrets to leave us is to admit change.

Just like seasons, we change.

Things I was excited about a year ago no longer excite me today.

And things that excite me today will no longer excite me in the near future.

For example, my old mission was to impact university students and prepare them for life after graduation. But now this mission has left me. I am now a messenger of a new mission.

I am always amazed by how much we change, and by how more exciting missions come up, when we treat ourselves as messengers (channelling creation), rather than creators.

Nature is how the universe is seamlessly working its magic into our lives.

Allowing nature to take place in our lives can only happen, when we welcome change and when we admit that the past was not meant to be.

When we don't allow ourselves to change, we are keeping old stories, which (now that the past is gone) appear to be fictional.

It's a blessing when something you expected to happen, does not happen! It means you were not ready for it the time you took it on.

The time will come when you'll either pick up that thing again, work on new versions of it, or even work on a totally new mission.

But for now, give yourself the permission to stop persisting in the face of nature.

Allow yourself to surrender to things that don't seem to work.

Right now, the universe is getting you ready for your next adventure.

And your new self will emerge through your unfulfilled dreams, and soon you'll be navigating your next dreams more wisely with a fresh pair of eyes.

Remember, you are not a creator, but an instrument of creation.

Detach from your creations.

And allow your unfulfilled dreams to leave you.

It's a circle of dreams... It goes on!

Yours in Magic,


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