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Urging the Urgency in Your Life

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

If I told you that this December is going to be the last month in your life, how would you feel?




Maybe that is how you would feel at the beginning, but once you accept it, you would be left with one feeling. This feeling drives you to run and hug your beloved ones. It urges you to purchase your flight tickets and travel the world. It makes you long to do more things in less time.

It simply adds “URGENCY” to your life!

The fact that we do not know when our lives will end is one main reason why we do not have urgency in our lives. We always assume and hope that the coming days, months and years hold a better future for us. We do not often question that tomorrow will not come. If you ever tell your friends that you are unsure if you will live to see them the next day, they will call you a pessimist and will try to talk you out of your pessimism.

So what is our natural human response?

We procrastinate. We postpone our actions to the next day. We plan to put a plan with sub-plans for our goals. We tolerate wasting the time of today, because we take “waking up the next day” for granted.

Consequently, our lives lack actions! They are swamped with countless plans and aspirations of being, but zero doing.

Think about what you want to achieve in your life whether starting your own business, having a successful career, being a good parent, becoming a great artist, or anything else you want to achieve in your life. Now, imagine if you have urgency in your life towards your goals. Imagine you wake up every day and work as if it is the last day. It is not easy to feel this every day, I know. Still, what if?

If I tell you that it is possible; if I tell you how you can intentionally create urgency in your life, would you listen?

Most successful people have made it to world-class by creating urgency in their lives. The magic word is EVERY DAY:

  • EVERY DAY, they visualize their goals. They think of it before they sleep, during lunch, when they are driving, before they go to bed, in their garages (If you are Steve Jobs!). They LIVE it. It is part of their daily rituals and it is as important as their breaths. Every day, they fast-forward their lives and think about their last day. They ask themselves if they are ready to leave this world and if something is left undone.

  • EVERY DAY, they talk their goals with different people (friends, family, and strangers). If they talk it with others in conversations, then it is REAL. If it is REAL, then it is URGENT. Otherwise, a plan or an idea in your head will turn into an illusion.

  • EVERY DAY, they do small daily actions getting them closer to their goals. A small daily action is the product of the Every Day visualization and Every Day talk with people. It could be a phone call, a blog post, an email, a job interview, and anything that can get you one step ahead closer to your goal.

Never confuse the urgency I am referring to with stress. The sense of urgency is triggered by internal aspiration and passion, while the feeling of stress is triggered by external pressure from people and circumstances. Urgency drives consistent actions which you enjoy, while stress drives one-time reaction to a circumstance. If you have urgency in your life, you will still enjoy the journey, VERY MUCH!

Start feeling the urgency in your life. Have the pressing necessity to move your life forward. Become insistent on your goals, and keep your persistence going.

You can choose to procrastinate and feel the safety of the passing days, until one day on your death bed you regret the wasted time. Or, you can choose to add urgency to your life and have a peaceful rest when you leave this world.

If you choose to feel the urgency, you will EVERY DAY visualize your goals; EVERY DAY Talk them with people, and  EVERY DAY do small daily actions in line with what you visualized and talked.

Start with your GOALS! Focus on your EVERY DAY! And URGE your URGENCY in life!

With Urgency, you will reach places you never imagined. I promise!

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