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When An Ant Tickles Me...

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Photo by Maksim Shutov

I have a feeling.

It starts to move inside of me,

Like a hurried ant.

I often feel it around my stomach.

It tickles my inspiration.

It moves my senses.

I focus on feeling it fully.

I don't know what it wants from me.

But I know it has arrived.

It asks me to keep it safe.

So I shelter it within me.

I sit in solitude with it,

Calmly and patiently.

On a canvas of silence,

It asks me to feed it.

So I give it my intention.

I water it with my faith.

I convince myself that...

What will come out will not be mine.

The hurried ant moves to my head.

It tickles my mind.

It becomes a thought.

One. Single. Thought.

A word. Sometimes, a line.

I grab my laptop.

I place my hands on the keyboard.

My fingers start moving.

I type a word.

Then, a line.

Few minutes later, a paragraph.

Soon later, a stream of thoughts flow through me,

Like a river flowing through a canal.

I blink. I see 500 words.

What the...!

An hour ago, I had nothing but a tickle in my stomach.

That hurried ant did all this?!

I now wonder where the ant came from.

I pray that more ants will come again.

And maybe that one day...

I will find the nest.

P.S. An Ant tickled me to write this blog post.

Yours in Magic,


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