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The Moment When Someone Dies

"The moment when someone dies is not when their body ceases to exist, but when the last person whose life was touched by them dies.” Alain de Botton

Yesterday morning I buried two dead pigeons.

I found the first one on the side walk while I was running in the morning.

The second pigeon was lying on my balcony just right outside my room. It looked like it was trying to approach my room before it died there.

I wonder what the story of those two pigeons are.

They're not humans, I know. But, they still have a story.

What is their story?

Were they run over by a car, or did they die from something they ate?

Did they suffer, or was it a quick death?

Did they have baby pigeons?

Did they live a good life?

They are dead now.

And it's impossible to know their story, especially we are unable to communicate with them.

If we don't know their story, does their death mean they are forever gone?

The other day I went to watch a show at the theatre (Sea Wall/ A Life by Nick Payne) that described three kinds of death every person will have:

1- When the body ceases to function.

2- When we bury the body.

3- The moment, sometime way in the future, when our names are said, spoken aloud, for the very last time.

Now that I buried those two pigeons…I am thinking about their third death.

Who will remember their names? Who will remember their story?

And if it's me who will remember them, then who will... speak my name aloud for the very last time?

While I continue to live through this existential question, I always hope that we will all go to a place where all forgotten stories are being retold again, heard, seen and and appreciated for their truth.

I choose to believe that death is never the end.

It's a transition point…

To a place where names are remembered forever.

Yours in Magic,


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