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Why I Quit My Job After Receiving a Big Promotion!

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

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Exactly one year ago today, I called my manager in the morning for a quick chat in the office meeting room. Normally, I would call him for a chat to discuss delayed customer orders, or consult him on a tough decision. But this time, it was different!

“But we just gave you a promotion”, he said. “Could you take a vacation to think through this again?”, he tried again.

I don’t remember what I replied. But what I do remember is, that this was a quick chat!

I have never felt more at peace in my life than when last year I decided to leave a successful career in a multinational company, just four months after receiving my promotion and becoming a department manager leading a region with 30 direct reports.

I had everything a 25-year old would want: a big role, a large paycheck, authority, prestige, and a good work environment.

Still, I felt dead from the inside.

Every thing I was ever told would bring me happiness, did not bring me happiness. I reached where I wanted to reach, but it all felt the same.

From the outside, I was looking successful. But inside, I was feeling neutral.

Why? Why did it feel nothing getting that promotion! Why was I still not feeling alive!

I spent the following 4 months after that promotion thinking whether I should resign in Feb or March. The question was not whether I should resign or not, but instead it was a matter of when.

Despite not being clear enough on my next steps after my resignation, life was generous enough to throw few gifts on my path towards the unknown.

It’s been a full year since that day! I still don’t know where I am heading. But the feeling of aliveness that I have now after trading my big paycheck and status for impact and meaningfulness, is worth living in the discomfort of the unknown.

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