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Why We Have Problems

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The reason why we have problems is simple...

We have problems, because we are looking for solutions.

If the problem we think is a problem is not a problem, what is it then?

I say it's an event. One that we don't fully understand why it's happening to us and all the forces behind it.

To describe it as a curse, an obstruction, a poison, a disease, a disaster, or a bad luck is to resist nature taking place.

Events are there because they happen to us. When they happen, the least we can do is to acknowledge them for what they are.

When we deny their existence, resist their wisdom, and become so busy trying to find solutions for them, those events stick around longer and leave a deeper scar in us. They become our worst nightmare!

If we stop looking for solutions, we can maybe start seeing those events as inevitable and a conspiracy in our favor.

If we start to look at them with curiosity, they become more gentle to us.

If we treat them with acceptance, they leave us better than they found us.

Next time you call an event a problem, think again.

There are never problems. Just events we do not understand.

Let's be curious and understand them.

Once understood, we can accept them.

Once accepted, they will pass.

Yours in Magic,


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