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Why You Should Always Choose Your Curiosities!

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

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“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive” — Howard Thurman

For years, I worked in jobs that did not spark an interest in me. I tried Engineering. I tried Planning. I tried Customer Service. Yet, non of those jobs made me feel I was doing something worth living for.

Until last year, when I decided to take up the mission of helping students discover their interests and passions at an early age, and claim back their power to choose to explore those interests before graduating to the world.

All my coaching and training work over the last twelve months have been revolving around one question.

What makes a human being feel alive?

I have been “living” around universities trying to figure out how to wake up the potential of youth while they are still students, or as some may say “when they are young and foolish”.

The thesis I have been, and still, testing around university students is that curiosity and choice lead to more passionate, meaningful and happy life.

Curiosity + Choice

The biggest tragedy of our education system today is that we reward conformity and suppress curiosity, which is exactly the opposite to what the above formula is suggesting.

  • Curiosity is the fuel that we run on.

Our curiosities come from our hopes, our interests, our fears (sometimes), and any unexplored potential.

  • Choice, on the other hand, is the spark that turns fuel into a fire in the belly.

Choice is our ability to act on one’s will.  It is the power we hold inside to set intention, and to turn that intention into action.

Our human potential is limitless, and so are our curiosities. If we continuously choose to explore our continuously evolving curiosities, we will always feel that we are onto something exciting, despite being unknown. That feeling is what keeps us alive!

If we ignore our curiosities, they may turn into despair. They will haunt us in the form of unwanted choices that society will make on behalf of us for us.

I still did not scientifically prove the above formula, but whenever a student comes to me feeling unhappy about their study major in university and not sure if they are headed in the right direction, I tell them one thing:

Always choose your curiosities.
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