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My Writer's Pledge!

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

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There are times when I am inspired, energized, and excited to bring my best self to the world.

And there are other times (like right now) when I am blocked, drained, and hesitant to show myself and my work to anyone.

It's been more than a month now since I've decided to dedicate at least one third of my time to writing.

It all started with a random idea that presented itself to me:

What if you call yourself a writer and treat it as real work?

And so, I am now a writer.

And it is real work that I love so much and take very seriously.

I love writing everyday for myself and for others on my blog.

I love channelling what I receive through my connection with silence and nature.

I love reading my writing and getting to know myself.

I love hearing from readers telling me how my writing influenced their life.

I love feeling less alone when my writing resonates with others.

I love everything about writing, from feeling my hand touching the keyboard, to seeing my thoughts showing up on a screen.

It's magical!

What was once in my head is now accessible to everyone. And people can now live in the same consciousness I live in (regardless if they agree or disagree with my ideas).


My top challenge is that I've chosen to write about everything that I am not supposed to write about.

I write about spiritual topics that my Arab society find it hard to understand and accept: silence, stillness, synchronicity, and letting go.

I write about the challenges young Arabs face while pursuing their dreams and living their fullest selves in a controlled society.

Those topics I write about are not friendly for the people in my region. They attack existing belief systems, traditions, and legacy mindsets.

And so, it may take a while (months to years) for my writing to be understood and be accepted.

Until then, I pledge myself to continue writing through my doubt and to follow my feeling.

I pledge to commit my writing to help young Arabs renew old belief systems, unlearn expired knowledge and undress traditional ways of living.

And though I am impatiently waiting to see clear and measurable results for the hundreds of hours of writing I dedicate every month, I feel that I am on the right track.

For now, I will continue to follow my feeling. It knows better.

My thoughts and my reality will soon catch up with us.

Yours in Magic,


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