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You Don’t Belong in this Society!

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You don’t belong in this society, my dear.

You’ve always been doing the difficult work of becoming the truth of who you are. But they keep criticizing you. They keep talking behind your back and gossiping about your latest facebook photo, how you dress up weirdly, and how you laugh differently than everyone else. And though sometimes you may believe what they say, you always remind yourself that that photo of yours captures the innocence in your soul. That look you are wearing speaks who you are. And that distinct laugh of yours fills up the whole room with joy and hope.

You don’t belong here in this society, my dear.

You’ve changed. And when people change, their values, thoughts and actions change. Yours just happen to simply be different than the standard set by society. You are always standing out in this world of conformity. What does not fit in stands out, what stands out is not welcome. While your way of thinking has become a danger to their inherited way of living, maybe society is starting to make you think you are ill requiring an urgent cure. Except, you are not the one feeling the hurt. It’s those who think you are ill, are ill and hurting.

My dear, when someone is ill, you don’t attack them. Instead, their illness is a great reason for you to share your love and compassion with them. If you love them long enough despite their thinking of you as their cause for their illness, they will be cured. Love is your message to remind them that you are not here to hurt them. Your love will cure them and will free you from their thoughts.

You don’t belong here in this society, my dear.

You’ve become freer and more alive. Maybe your aliveness is starting to attack everyone else’s belief system. Maybe your freedom is making them see the cage they are living in. While you became free from that same cage, you’ve reminded everyone else that they are not. You reminded them that they are enslaved by their own will. Sadly, a cage created by one’s own mind is much harder to break out from than somebody else’s cage, because that cage is part of the self. Similar to how one cannot see their own self without a mirror, it’s difficult to see one’s own cage without someone else showing it to them. By becoming your own free self, you are showing them what they could not see before. And they are surely not liking what your cageless life reminds them of!

You don’t belong here in this society, my dear.

Now that you’ve become the unexpected and the unfathomed, maybe they are becoming more confused about themselves. It’s unlikely that they are confused about you. They know you know who you are. They know you’ve made your choices of wearing a silly hat for work or dancing happily in public like a weirdo. Maybe they are confused about who they are. And when they are scared of their own confusion, their fear is deflecting their confusion towards you. They call you “confused”, because it makes them feel less scared about their own confusion. They may not be aware that you are their mirror, simply showing them what they avoid to see.

You don’t belong here in this society, my dear.

You represent everything they never thought existed in this world. They are surprised and shocked to see their blind spots. Maybe they are starting to resent their lives, because they see what they can never become. You are a walking evidence of their untapped potential and unfulfilled destiny. You remind them of the passions and hobbies they never tried. You help them recall the unpursued ideas and projects they never attempted. You make them hear the sobbing of their unanswered heart’s calling. You are simply showing them a parallel world where they could have lived a well-lived life.

You don’t belong here in this society.

You give yourself all out to everyone every day. You carry missions aiming to impact and help your society for the greater good. And while they do not see what you see, they may look, sound and feel ungrateful. Maybe they are not ungrateful or belittling you in this world. Maybe they just can’t see your wonderful vision of what might be. People are not wearing the same eyes you are wearing. And if you try to lend them yours to see what they can’t see, you will lose sight of what was once visible to you. Don’t take off your beautiful eyes, my dear. You will go blind!

You don’t belong here in this world.

But you shouldn’t feel guilty, doubtful or afraid about your choices. You’ve already made your choices. You are living them. Instead of being frustrated, you may want to feel proud now. Without your choices, it wouldn’t have been possible to become the authentic human you are. It wouldn’t have been possible for you to pace your life with intention and peace. After all, we all live at our own pace in life. Some of us walk forward with confidence; others run sideways in anxiety, while others crawl slowly in suspicion... We can’t force a runner to walk or a walker to run. Life will continue and will hold infinite amount of possibilities for everyone.

Your job is not to make others ready to see. They will see when they are ready.

Your job is to just see!

Yours in Magic,


P.S. As of today, I am slowing down on posting my writing online from daily to weekly. I'll still be writing daily, but I will keep most of my writing offline for a special project. Soon, I'll be able to tell you what it's about :)

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